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Gobekli Tepe, The Sphinx, Electric Universe: Emerging Discoveries Standing Dogma on Its Head

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I took a week-long journey to Yucatan in September 2000 to tour the Mayan ruins and attend classes. I wanted to hear for myself what the elders there had to say about this whole business of Dec 21, 2012. What I learned was that, according to Mayan astronomers, the groundwork or matrix of cyclic change was already being laid as he spoke. The 2012 date was simply an indicator that we would begin to see climate change increase exponentially and perceive the collapse of established geopolitical, religious and economic arenas in the most unexpected ways. We would also see the explosion of truth and knowledge on to the planet, paving the way for the “5th sun”, as it was termed.


I spent Dec 21, 2012 planning out my spring garden.

I recently stumbled across an informative YouTube video that, from my perspective, presents pretty much what the Mayan elders conveyed to us; namely, that our solar system is at the cusp of alignment to the galactic center that is bringing us into a very unsettled region of space; already this is affecting and restructuring all physical, mental,  and spiritual life while providing DNA enhancement.  Old, worn social structures are being rendered unsustainable. [Click snapshot below or HERE]:

superwave 2

Just one year after my return, 9/11 happened in America. A short seven years after that, a global banking crisis ensued. Many other “explosions” of knowledge and information by way showers such as Wikileaks and Julian Assange, Chelsea Manning, Edward Snowden, and many other whistleblowers helped raise awareness of deep military and political corruption going on around the world. Other exposés, such as the Panama Papers, informed us more specifically about economic corruption around off shore tax havens. The pedophile scandals involving mainly Catholic priests but also other religious and political institutions is reaching a crescendo. I hardly need mention the UK Brexit vote and hand-wringing angst both during and after the 2016 American election season to point out that planetary consciousness is bucking establishment dogma in big way. The train has left that station.

These events and many others have helped to blow the lid off systemic corruption, abuse and human rights violations around the world. There are also other discoveries that are not getting wide global attention but have successfully turned establishment archaeology, Egyptology, evolutionary theory and space completely upside down. I list just a few below that have only relatively recently become known on a wider stage. I will summarize them here and encourage anyone not already familiar with these discoveries to follow this preliminary information and do their own research into these mind blowing breakthroughs:

1990: Dr. Robert M. Schoch, geologist and tenured professor at the College of General Studies at Boston University, rocks the world of Egyptology and archaeology:

Dr. Schoch was invited to Egypt by author and guide John Anthony West to give his geologic analysis of the age of the Sphinx. In summary, over the next few years Dr. Schoch determined that the body of the Sphinx had to be much older than what has been sphinxingrained in our current paradigm—as much as 5,000 years or more before Egypt. This revelation caused a firestorm of attacks from many Egyptologists and archaeologists who just would not accept civilization could possibly have been established that early in history. They argued that there was not one instance of any advanced civilization occurring before 3500-4000 BCE.

During seismic testing in 1992, Dr. Schoch’s team discovered a possible cavity or passageway under the left paw of the Sphinx:

During the seismic studies we also discovered clear evidence of a cavity or chamber under the left paw of the Sphinx. For what it is worth, some have suggested to me that this may be a “Hall of Records” (at the time I was not aware of Edgar Cayce’s predictions along these lines). Additionally, we found some lesser (and previously known) cavities under and around the Sphinx, and the data also indicates that there may be a tunnel-like feature running the length of the body.

This is interesting since Edgar Cayce, the “Sleeping Prophet” predicted that a “Hall of Records” would be discovered, although not under the left but under the the right paw of the Sphinx. As far as I know to date, they are still trying to get permission to explore these areas.  [FYI: Interesting that the path of the August 21, 2017 solar eclipse will be “in the path of totality” over Hopkinsville, KY –the birthplace of Edgar Cayce. Might permission to explore that detected chamber under a paw of the Sphinx finally be granted? We’ll see.]

READING 5748-6
This Reading given by Edgar Cayce July 1, 1932.


With the storehouse, or record house (where the records are still to be uncovered), there is a chamber or passage from the right forepaw to this entrance of the record chamber, or record tomb. This may not be entered without an understanding, for those that were left as guards may NOT be passed until after a period of their regeneration in the Mount, or the fifth root race begins.

[So, Cayce’s “5th root race” echoes Maya’s “5th world”. ]



1995: Prof. Klaus Schmidt from the German Archaeological Institute begins excavations at Gobekli Tepe, a Neolithic site located in what is now Turkey:

Here were found organized stone structures, some up to 18-20 feet in height, arranged in circular fashion dating back as far as 10,000  to 8000 BCE, during what we call the pre-pottery, early Neolithic Age around the end of the Ice Age.  Stonehenge in the UK would not be constructed for several thousand more years. This discovery should have been front-page news all over the world, as it has turned the current paradigm completely on its head and silenced Dr. Schoch’s detractors.

The site appears to be very well constructed. The artwork is outstanding. It becomes obvious that however it was built, the builders and artisans nearly 12 thousand years ago were well developed in their craft. Stylized humanoid pillars, apparently with no attention at all to facial features are intriguing; perhaps the ordinary senses held little importance within these enclosures. This might imply that other means of “communication” held sway here. Great emphasis on phallic images such as the headless human having an erection and animal images with emphasis on the phallus suggest to me survival energy expressed by the 1st or root Chakra. It symbolizes new beginnings, fertility, the will to survive, and identification with the physical world. The biblical phrase “Be fruitful and multiply” crossed my mind.   [BTW, I do not understand why it’s assumed to have been a “temple.” Maybe it was an ancient “new age” kundalini yoga center–who knows for sure?]

[Added: The “H” symbol – could the crossbar possibly symbolize an energy source exchange between two pillars (beings) at the solar plexus or tool for elevation via ions?]


Photo Courtesy National Geographic

Predominant symbols there are snakes/serpents (healing/fertility/umbilical cord) and foxes.

It has occurred to me that the serpent/snake depictions being quite prominent at this site might have something to do with the former 13th astrological sign of Ophiuchus. According to VividLife Journeys,

Ophiuchus is symbolized by the Snake Charmer or Serpent Wrestler. The Sun only spends 19 days in this sign of short duration. It falls between Scorpio and Sagittarius, the natural 8th and 9th house of the zodiac, respectively. Early cultures based their yearly calendar on the 13 lunar cycles, each containing 28 days. But Julius Caesar changed it. He created our present Julian Calendar, consisting of 12 months, therefore removing the 13th month and its corresponding astrological sign.

[Emphases mine]

Below is a depiction of the Ophiuchus constellation [via Space.Com] showing its position between the constellations of Scorpio and Sagittarius:

ophiuchus constellation

From The 13th Zodiac Sign – Ophiuchus” website:

ophiuchus constellation2

The sign of Ophiuchus is patterned after the original ‘Serpent Holder’, Enki, a Sumerian god..[]….The constellation of Ophiuchus is the only sign of the Zodiac which is linked to a real man. This man lived in ancient Egypt around the 27th century BCE, and his name was Imhotep [again patterned after Enki ].

Might these ancients have been observing stars in this constellation of the “Snake Charmer or Serpent Wrestler” -otherwise known as Enki, the “mythical” savior of humanity? 

The fox symbolism appears prominent at Gobleki Tepe as well. There actually is a constellation called “The Fox” just near Cygnus.  Called “Vulpecula“, it has no myth attached to it.
However, if we consider The Electric Universe theory [see below], those alive at the end of the ice age, around 11,800 years ago, may have had a much closer view of the stars. Or, indeed, may have emigrated TO earth FROM there.

FromIan Ridpath’s Star Tales website:


“A constellation introduced in 1687 by the Polish astronomer Johannes Hevelius, who depicted it as a double figure of a fox, Vulpecula, carrying in its jaws a goose, Anser. Since then the goose has flown (or been eaten), leaving just the fox. Hevelius placed the fox near two other hunting animals, the eagle (the constellation Aquila) and the vulture (which was an alternative identification for Lyra).”

[My note: Although Vulpecula is thought to have been named only relatively recently, the ancients may have been far more knowledgeable–closer to the stars, so to speak.]


Added 11/24/18: I was just alerted to an astronomical analysis completed about a year ago, titled Ancient stone carvings confirm how comet struck Earth in 10,950BC, sparking the rise of civilisations , from The Telegraph.  In addition to this, The Independent just published on 11/16/18:  Giant meteorite crater bigger than Paris found beneath Greenland’s ice sheet .
These two articles alone give strong support and confirm the work of both author and journalist Graham Hancock and academic Randall Carlson [Sacred Geometry International].  For a fascinating set of discussions on this subject, kick back and watch this YouTube playlist on The Joe Rogan Experience show from a few years back.


2014: Comparative Mythologist David Talbott and physicist Wal Thornhill team up to propose The Electric Universe:

This project builds on the work of Los Alamos NM plasma physicist Anthony L. Peratt, Ph.D  who demonstrated that petroglyphs around the world were telling the story of a highly unsettled plasma universe. Peratt contributed greatly to the work of Talbott and Thornhill, et. al.  that proposes that ancients around the world saw in the skies a very different planetary configuration during a much earlier epoch. Of course, they are being attacked by orthodox Newtonian and evolutionary scientists, a well as geopolitical forces unwilling to give up status. However, I suspect that some unexpected future independent event will give even more support to the Electric Universe theory, just as Gobekli Tepe has done for Dr. Schoch in his work on the Sphinx.


Image Courtesy of The Thunderbolts Project



On the fourth day in Yucatan while at the site at Ek Balam in 2000, our small group gathered in a semicircle around our guide. I suddenly felt a subtle shift in my awareness. The sky appeared suddenly much dimmer. I looked up. The sun appeared much further away and I was actually able to observe it without hurting my eyes; it appeared more like a planet than a ball of fire. It lasted only several seconds. I pretty much tucked that experience away because I could not rationalize it. However, taken together with other “paranormal” experiences during my lifetime, theories of an ancient “alien sky” and of a highly charged plasma universe resonate with me. The universe is alive and consciously aware.

The Mayan calendar keepers had the right idea. The world is not ending but rebalancing. As worn and corrupted paradigms begin to unravel before our eyes, it all seems so chaotic and insecure. Our changing sun is also lifting the vibration [and DNA signature] on our planet, in part indicated by the graphs showing intense fluxes in the Schumann Resonance, particularly over the past several months.

The Spectrogram Calendar displays data from the magnetic field detectors deployed by the Global Coherence Initiative research team to monitor the resonances occurring in the plasma waves constantly circling the earth in the ionosphere.


These are labor pains to be expected in order for something new to emerge that gives us truth and knowledge of who we really are as living beings and our place in the galactic universe.

From Between Both Worlds:

There are periods in the life of humanity which generally coincide with the beginning of the fall of cultures and civilizations, when the masses irretrievably lose their reason and begin to destroy everything that has been created by centuries and millenniums of culture. Such periods of mass madness, often coinciding with geological cataclysms, climatic changes, and similar phenomena of a planetary character, release a very great quantity of the matter of knowledge.[ii]

Updates and related:

Jan 2018: Along the lines of speculations of past planetary configurations not seen from earth today, Troy D. MacLachan, author of “Saturn Death Cult: The link between planetary castastrophes, ancient mythologies and occult ritual”, presents his video, The Ganymede Hypothesis :

saturndeathcult planets

From his website at Saturn Death Cult, the following

The Saturn Death Cult is an investigation into ancient planetary upheavals that heralded the birth and destruction of a fabled Golden Age – following which mankind then degenerated into the obsessive pursuit of wealth and power through the perverted horrors of slavery, child sacrifice and mass-murder rituals.

The first interstellar object seen by humans:
From Universe Today 10/31/2018:
Could Oumuamua Be an Extra-Terrestrial Solar Sail? – “As for what an extra-terrestrial light sail would be doing in our Solar System, Bialy and Loeb offer some possible explanations for that. First, they suggest that the probe may actually be a defunct sail floating under the influence of gravity and stellar radiation, similar to debris from ship wrecks floating in the ocean. This would help explain why Breakthrough Listen found no evidence of radio transmissions.”

The presence of unidentified aerial phenomena (or UFOs) has increased exponentially since WWII. I have already outlined some major UAP/UFO events in my post, Is Humanity Poised at the Edge of a Paradigm Shift?.


Plasma and Consciousness–A Personal Exploration

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Many experiences that may seem “paranormal” appear as natural to me now as, say, leaves changing color according to the seasons or caterpillars transforming into butterflies.  I learned in school why leaves change color and the biology that transforms that caterpillar into a butterfly. What no school or governmental body ever taught me was the phenomenon of unidentified aerial objects, even though Roswell in 1947 and the mass UFO flyover in Washington D.C. in 1952 had occurred when I was still just a twinkle in my father’s eye.

Over the past several months, I have immersed myself in the information flow concerning unidentified aerial phenomena (or UFOs) being seen around the world.  I’ve always been interested in the subject, particularly since I witnessed a UFO floating so gently right over my vehicle in 1980.  However, I rarely find anyone who wants to discuss such subjects.  Therefore, it has been left to the curious, the adventurers, and the experiencers to learn about and incorporate into our collective consciousness what is learned.

One recent bit of information that has stirred my curiosity is that plasma is often described during UFO encounters or sightings.  This has prompted me to revisit my 1997-98 journal entries written during my father’s terminal illness, where he described seeing “plasma” images appear.  At that time, I only understood that word in the context of the bloodstream so could not really grasp what he was seeing. Here’s an entry:

January 31, 1998 (early a.m.): Poppy woke me in the middle of the night.  He wanted me to come sit with him in the living room.  He said he has been having very strange experiences:
I looked at the end of my bed and there was a folder of papers.  I stretched out to get it, but it was like a ghost; no, like plasma.  It was a plasma substance, honey.  It didn’t have any dimension.  My fingers went right through it.”
[…] Poppy had to stop trying to describe this, because it was impossible.  But what struck me was how he changed the description from ghost to plasma.

The next day, he observed this same type of “effect” when he opened the refrigerator and described the “largest, purest glass of orange juice” but when he went to grab it, it disappeared.

He had more than a few of these experiences and described them as though they suddenly just occupied a portion in the middle of our otherwise ordinary space.  (To read my journal entries on our evolutionary journey into other dimensions of consciousness as we lived his dying experience, click HERE.)


Plasma is a phase of matter distinct from solids, liquids, and gases. It is the most abundant phase of matter in the universe; both stars and interstellar dust consist of it. Although it is its own phase of matter, it is often referred to as an ionized gas. This is similar to a normal gas, except that electrons have been stripped from their respective nucleons and float freely within the material. Even if only 1% of the atoms have lost their electrons, a gas will display plasma-like behavior.

The atmosphere in our home was highly charged during these months of his dying—I, along with at least two other family members, experienced an incredibly heightened conscious awareness of at least two other dimensions (or parallel realities)—in our dreams, in my long-deceased mother’s “life force imprint” coming in and out regularly to assist,  telepathic information, and other experiences. This was particularly true when he started experiencing the plasma that he insisted was feeding him and informing him from some “opening” that formed.

Now, I recently watched a documentary on the experience pilots had with UAPs when I heard related an observation that pilot Captain Phil Shultz made to the researcher about his experience:

He said when it first appeared, it impressed him as if it was breaking through the atmosphere; like splitting the blue sky open in order to emerge.

(The story of Capt. Shultz’s UFO experience can be heard HERE starting at 21m 15 sec.)

That is almost exactly how my father tried to describe his experiences with the plasma images–as though it just broke through from somewhere else.

Learning what I have over the past several months, many things that seemed inexplicable in 1997-98 now make much more sense now.  I am coming around to the high possibility that at least a portion what we experienced was pure consciousness that expressed itself visually through a sort of transmitter involving a gaseous plasma.

UFO experiencers often describe what they are seeing as gaseous-like “orbs” that seem to fade in and out.  Some report telepathic communication or at least a heightened intuition during these experiences.

Might it be that at least some of these craft are basically imaged and manipulated by consciousness itself?

What we call our “normal” consciousness is itself, in actuality, just another form of altered consciousness.

I have much more to learn.  This is but a stub post on which I hope to expand later. However, I do believe that everything begins with the matrix of consciousness, and this probably applies to interdimensional space travel as well.

Wedge-Shaped Objects, Rattlesnakes, and Ions–Oh My!

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As I was writing in my journal this morning, I suddenly felt an impulse to start writing down an image that was playing through my mind like a short movie.  It feels like an event—perhaps occurring in April or August of this year (letter “A” prominent). First, I am impressed with some sort of temporary regional darkness occurring around the same time as an “out-of-this-world” object appears in a large crowded city such as New York, London, or Atlanta.  The object is as foreign to the witnesses as—say—a cell phone would appear to people in the 19th C. But, this object is much bigger than a cell phone—more like a wedge shape; a mustard colored Swiss-cheese type structure that just quietly appears on a freeway or a wide street.  It hovers, waiting for people to notice it.  No panic, danger, or destruction—it’s just there.

It seems like this wedge-shaped object is initially more amusing than threatening to the people in the vicinity. I sense that theaters are in the vicinity, causing some to assume at first that this really strange wedge-shaped object is part of a theatrical promo. But, several people later begin to report a “telepathic message” conveying that this is from the future and based on a mathematics not currently known to the public.  All I see then are some curlicue-like symbols emanating from this object that make absolutely no sense.

And, for no rhyme or reason, these “curlicues” caused my mind to call up a really weird dream I had on 04/06/1998:

Dream of 04/06/1998: I am in a wide-open place, like a desert I think. A man is demonstrating a ‘futuristic’ ability to me. He points to objects and I watch as sizzling light beams focus on and envelop them, making them exceedingly shiny new and sparkling.   I especially recall a beautiful purple object all lit up in black space with an awesome gold-like, sparkling aura.  This man, who I recognize as a traditional Native American medicine man, then holds an object up in front of him as he approaches me with great intensity in his eyes.  He holds this object right up to my eyes until the object is all I see. It is a rattlesnake tail.  I can hear his voice as he explains a process about utilizing positive and negative ions—very thorough on explaining this electrical process of “renewal”.   As he shakes this rattlesnake tail in front of my eyes, he says something like, ‘this worked well because of what is INSIDE the tail’ or the percussion of the tail.   He then holds the rattlesnake tail very close to his ear and shakes it again while intently searching my eyes to make sure I understand this concept. He keeps telling me never to forget this.

My knowledge about “ions” is very basic; I have no idea what he was talking about.  I did do some cursory research on rattlesnake tails only to find that there is nothing inside them at all. The closest I ever came to snakes would come two years later during a tour of the ancient Mayan ruins in Yucatan.  At Chichen Itza during the autumnal equinox, we watched as the tour guide described the light from the sun creating the effect of a snake crawling down the stairway of this pyramid. He mentioned that the ancients believed the tail of this “sun snake” pointed up from the capstone to the Pleiades. So, Pleiades energy inside that tail?

And what do “ions”, “shamans” and “rattlesnake tails” have to do with this mustardy wedge shaped, time-traveling object?

So, back to the “curlicues” drawn in my journal:


Perhaps my imagination has slipped into overdrive due to my interest in the Rendlesham/Bentwaters “time travel” aspects of their experience. However, the dream about “planes crashing in the East”  just before 9/11/01 [near bottom of that page] also seemed wildly absurd and ridiculous to me before it occurred. So I’ll just post this here and see what, if anything, occurs around April or August 2017 involving a “time travel” wedge-shaped object. If not, maybe someone could use the material for a science fiction thriller :-/

[I just checked online to see when/if there will be a total solar eclipse this year since I sensed a “temporary regional darkness” around this event.  It appears one will occur on August 21, 2017 and—interestingly enough—will be seen at “greatest extent” near Hopkinsville, KY where the “Sleeping Prophet” Edgar Cayce was born.]

[Added 08/24/17] Interesting to note that on 08/17/17, a crop circle laid down in Sutton Hall, Essex, England has been interpreted as a possible “alien” radio tower schematic that might indicate a method of sending a “coded radio message from space…”.  I wouldn’t be surprised if sometime soon, something along these lines surfaces on a mass scale. But, time will tell.

My Mother The Neptunian – 1987

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On the night of April 01, 1980 I was among those at the deathbed my Italian grandmother whose name was Orsolina, meaning “Little Bear”. As we several relatives stood around her bed in the hospital with only a dim light over the headboard to illuminate the room, I was the one holding her hand. At the moment she died, an amazingly powerful “electric shock” went from her fingers into mine. It was so powerful, I was knocked backward and was caught by a cousin standing behind me. At the same time, I saw a very thin wisp of “smoke” arise from the back of her head, up through the dim light and out the ceiling. I was so stunned from these two simultaneous events, I could not speak for quite a while.

When we returned to my childhood home for the funeral reception, I began to ask family members if they had seen anything weird occur when grandma died. I just kept getting a blank stare. My parents were worried that I was suffering shock, getting a little “ditsy”. Most wondered why I fell back with such a jolt (they thought I had sort of fainted although I was alert through it all), but none saw anything of any kind around grandma’s headboard, so I tucked it all away in the depths of my mind.

Since that day, scattered episodes of extraordinary realities in my otherwise very ordinary life have seemed to randomly drop in as a reminder that there is a much wider context to consider and explore in life. One of the endearing recollections in this area surfaced in a conversation with my mother seven years later in October 1987.

For background, mom was straight-laced in her thinking (from my point of view). Over the years, she would roll her eyes at me when I dipped into subjects such as Astrology [“You don’t really believe that stuff, do you?”]. When I tried to describe my UFO experience, she asked if I was taking drugs. She refused to discuss anything of a metaphysical nature with me. In fact, the family nickname for mom was “Puritan Pilgrim” because of her Quaker background and Pilgrim ancestry. Nuff said there.

In September 1987, mom had suffered a completely unexpected heart attack and was in hospital. A pacemaker was placed during that hospitalization. A few days after she came home, we were chatting together when she suddenly looked up from the knitting she was doing to see if anyone else was around. Then she put her knitting down on her lap. She stared at me for a moment over her eyeglasses. She said quietly,
“I have something to tell you. I’m telling you because you seem to understand these things and won’t criticize me.”
WOW! I was all ears and opened a page in my ever-present journal. This is what she told me:

I was lying in the recovery room after the pacemaker operation. I opened my eyes to see a beautiful lady floating, hovering over the foot of the bed. She was somewhat transparent but had on a beautiful lavender gown that flowed with the air as she hovered. She stretched her arms out to me and said, ‘Do not worry. Everything will be okay and you will be home soon.’ Then she slowly disappeared. I closed my eyes and I must have fallen back to sleep. The next time I woke up, I saw a Pink Lady (hospital volunteer) come into the room to tidy up things and asked her who had been in the room earlier. She said that no one had been in the room since the time I was wheeled in. She told me I had been in a very deep sleep so they monitored me from the nurse’s station outside but that a nurse would be in soon since I was now awake.

I remained riveted and silent as mom told me about her experience. I knew it was very hard for her to comprehend. Since we seemed to be opening up to Spirit here, I brought up the “electrical shock” from grandma’s fingers into mine at the moment she died. Mom simply said,
“I always thought your grandma was being silly with her superstitions. I used to think that coming from the Old Country, she held strange ideas, but she was right on many things. I know that now.”
She paused, then said, “Please keep this between us“. She picked up her knitting and carried on as though this conversation never happened.

Okay, so grandma “Little Bear” had now brought mom and me together on an issue that had been a lifetime taboo to discuss. But she asked me to promise I would not tell anyone, and I never did—until now.

In late October, we were celebrating a birthday at a Chuckee Cheese pizza parlor for one of the foster children she and my father had taken in. All the children were having fun playing games and were scattered throughout the parlor. After doing some supervisory duties with the children, I came back and sat with mom. No sooner did I sit down than she said without a blink or blush:

“I came from Neptune, honey.”

What could I say? Oh, that’s cool…I have a mom from Neptune? Her matter-of-fact declaration floored me. I briefly wondered if there was lack of oxygen to her brain. I never had a chance to follow up with her on that revelation of hers, as the children all started piling back to the table for cake and ice cream. I meant to ask her about it later that evening but it was not to be.

That evening, mom was in hospital again and died two days later. What would turn out to be just hours before her death, I was sitting at her bedside. She reached out her hands and the only words that I could hear were, “Take me home”. She repeated that over and over in a most distant, slow voice. At first, I thought she was trying to ask me to take her home. I was quietly telling her she was too ill to go home right now. Then I realized that she appeared to be staring at the ceiling with her arms still outstretched—it was not me she was addressing.
It then hit me. The “lavender angel” was there. She was asking her to take her “home”. In the time it took me to grab a bite to eat and then return, mom was gone from this world.

In the months before she passed, she often spoke about returning to her home state of Indiana to visit some cousins. In the week after she passed, I was waiting at a stoplight and deep in thought and grief over losing her. I glanced at the license plate of the car in front. The plate holder stated in big letters around the out-of-state plate, “I’m at home in Indiana.”

In 1987, I could not have known that her death was simply a necessary prologue to the upcoming major role she would play from another dimension by assisting my father and me in facilitating his own transition 11 years later….

…but that is another story.

Written by Galactic Maya

January 11, 2017 at 8:56 am

My “Alien Visitors” Dream – 1999 Los Alamos

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For background, my arrival and establishment in New Mexico in 1999 was a surprise to just about everyone I knew in my home state of California. I had no clue what to find here and no rational explanation for going, even to myself. I had just buried my father, for whom I had been caregiver during his last 17 months on earth and had been struggling with the next step to take when I awoke one morning in our California home with yet another urgent inner call to move to the Southwest. I had nothing but faith in this feeling and the dreams I was having to assure me that I would find a comfortable home, secure a job, and find friends soon…..and then just wait. Wait? For what?

My son and I left California on August 3, 1999, both having sold or given away anything that did not fit into the van. We had no idea what was ahead for us and simply camped our way through the Southwest deserts of Arizona and New Mexico for ten days. We were sitting at a picnic table playing cards late one night in an Albuquerque KOA campground when all of a sudden the night lit up in a flash. A meteor had just whisked over the Sandia mountain range heading toward Colorado; it appeared so low in fact that we were sure it must have hit somewhere in Colorado. We looked to each other and said together “We’re staying!”

Having just moved into my 3rd floor apartment two weeks later, I experienced five consecutive nights of what I can only call dream visitations by two extremely intelligent “Aliens.” Each dream appeared absolutely real—every detail of my room just as it was in my reality. There was a fullness of compassion and concern on the part of these beings, one always on each side of my bed, engaging in discussion with one another based on my “reactions”. Although I cannot recall everything in every dream, I will never forget that on the final night, after all this dialog and book-giving apparently took place, they escorted me to what was definitely my own real bedroom window. I saw the moon in its ordinary state, the city below in its usual state. What was surreal was that they asked me to look to the north, where I watched a fiery explosion occur in the distance. Then they asked me to look south, and I saw the same thing…a fiery explosion. I was so stunned, the only thing I can recall after that is asking how that happens. I am told that it would come from underground . I vaguely recalled it involved an AFB (I later assumed it to be Kirtland AFB). I am then shown a map and see a huge red cross. (I was told this was “The Crossroad.”) However, I got the impression that this was presented as a high probability but not set in stone, so to speak. Then the dreams of these two highly intelligent visitors stopped for six years to my knowledge.

After the third night in this series of dreams, I very timidly asked a new friend (since I didn’t know what she would think about my situation at the time) if New Mexico had any connected tunnels. She mentioned that it is commonly thought by the locals that Los Alamos and Sandia Labs are connected by tunnels. I didn’t know at that time what Los Alamos or Sandia meant in this state, and her eyes lit up and said “Don’t you know that they are secret labs? Do you know that there are supposedly even nuclear missiles right here…hidden in the Manzano mountains**? My mouth dropped of course.
But, six years had passed and although the tragedy of 911 occurred two years after the dreams ceased, things in NM remained relatively uneventful and there were no more dreams about “intelligent beings”…until 1.5 years ago or so. I only recall one visit and recall one of them turning a page in some large book and handing it to me. They appeared to me to be the same two visitors as in 1999. They have not appeared in my dreamscape since then to my knowledge.

I had the impression that they were only pure intelligence/consciousness but were appearing somewhat human for my benefit. They seemed like Ambassadors from a highly advanced realm on a mission of some kind, which still amazes me because I am about the last person I would think of that such “informed Beings” would want to visit in a dream state. I have no credentials at all on this subject. I can do no more with it than just throw my experience into the brew of millions of other strange stories out there for the sake of posterity. However, I have documented at least one dream in my 1986 journal that actually occurred in great detail 11 years later. [Page 16 in Poppy: August 19, 1998 entry]

I believe that in any case, great minds and Light workers are working hard to prevent the Dark T-shirt guys from shaking our Little Blue Marble into oblivion.

[ADDENDUM 2008}: Was just going through old diaries I found in my garage. I opened the third diary to a page on which I described on Friday, 08/20/2004 an apparent third dream visit (one which I had forgotten), as follows: “Last night, I dreamed of being shown two books, thick books. I think with red covers and with black/white symbols and words. I had the impression from these ‘intelligent beings’ that I was nearly completing the first book but they were now giving me a second book that looked the same but was a ‘sequel’ or a continuation of the first book. I had a strong sense that I was to proceed slowly, not try to take it in too fast, this would be a long, long process. I sensed when I awoke that genealogies were listed within this book, but that this was only a portion of the story. I recall Roman numerals or similar symbols. “]
Update 06/20/17: This. Here. I’m only hearing about the severe safety lapses now but this has been going on for a long time. Fair warning. Shut it down.
Safety lapses undermine nuclear warhead work at Los Alamos 
Update 06/26/17: Now, Sandia: Light penalties and lax oversight encourage weak safety culture at nuclear weapons labs

Written by Galactic Maya

January 9, 2017 at 2:03 pm

The Strangeness in My World Before Sept 11 2001

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Following are excerpts from my original journal entries recorded in the six months prior and on the day of September 11, 2001, culminating in a vivid dream of “planes crashing in the East” on September 10, 2001.   As with most seemingly “unconnected” events in our daily lives, hindsight is indeed 20/20 vision.

03/02/01: I read today that Islamic fanatics are calling for the destruction of ancient Buddhist statues. IT IS A RUSE is screaming through my thoughts. This is a major red flag with the words let the games begin written all over it, and it is waving at the American public. If this act is allowed to occur, globalist forces will be after us next. This has nothing to do with righteousness but everything to do with manipulation. Powerful figures playing both sides [West v. East paradigm] to bring more war. Dark forces are vying for control and power. But it is the Light that will ultimately prevail.

03/21/01: I have been feeling that subtle vibration under my feet again. I first began to notice it around Palm Springs about ten months ago. Wherever I planted my feet, this vibratory “droning” captured my senses. It abruptly stopped when I reached the AZ/NM border. For some reason, the sensation is calling up a memory about an ominous scene I witnessed somewhere near Ruby, Arizona in 1998. Adam and I had traveled in no-man’s-land for most of the day. We rounded a bend in late afternoon, and saw a huge canvassed tent. It flew the skull and crossbones. The men wandering around had a paramilitary appearance and were not at all happy to see us. As they approached the dirt road, I immediately turned to Adam and pleaded with him to step on the gas! I don’t know why this vibratory sensation under my feet called up that memory, but it feels like something big is about to happen. (Note: With hindsight in 2008, I now have learned about the “Skull and Bones Society” and I really don’t think these guys were out playing weekend pirate games anymore.)

03/25/01: California is in the throes of yet another “energy crisis”. At some point, the people are going to pop like kernels of corn and once there is enough popcorn to fill the bag, we can hit the dark forces over the head with it–hah!

03/29/01 Dream: “I am somewhere in the Bahamas I think. I enter a cave and find Indiana Jones throwing a ‘cave party’! I mingle for a bit, then turn to leave. As I do, I pick up a stack of CD’s on a table then turn back to ask him if he is mining for silver. He says no, and I reply ‘Well you better start. Silver is going to become a priceless commodity.’” I don’t have a clue about the stock market, but my sense is that something hidden is going to surface soon.

04/01/01: The decision to bring down the MIR space station at this time must have something to do with the peak cycle of the sun. MIR is basically space junk anyway, but the sun’s intensity right now has the potential to disturb and even destroy a number of objects in the solar system. The planetary environment is sending phenomenal messages. The total solar eclipse will occur exactly on summer solstice this year. What a surge of restless energy this is going to bring! It will occur in the constellation of Cancer, so this could bring up energies that have to do with water resources, structural foundations, and major family issues, especially since the Moon is ruler of Cancer. The Moon will also be filtering a greatly increased solar energy, so a lot of deeply buried stuff could easily rise into the collective consciousness after this. So this is about family, homeland, subconscious. This may signal a cycle in which much chaos and disruption will undermine what we know to be security. But perhaps it’s time to rethink that issue, anyway. Solar photons are information carriers, and there may be a pretty powerful message coming down the pipeline…ummmmm?

04/03/01: What a strange day at work! Two coworkers were hearing voices, the supplies I ordered were lost; conference calls were disconnecting. It was pretty interesting to observe. I kept mumbling I’m willing to give up difficulty as I struggled to get a used toner cartridge to fit back into the box for recycling! Totally erratic energy is permeating the biosphere—totally.

04/04/01 Dream: “I am coming down a stairway leading to a fenced garden. Dead doves or pigeons are neatly laid out in wing-to-wing fashion. I am astonished. But the scene repeats. This time the birds are gone and a beautiful green grass carpets the yard. Someone awaits me, watching for my reaction. “
Well, this is pretty straight forward to me…a major probability is coming up. I vote for the green grass.

04/05/01: I read in the local paper that the co-founder of Microsoft Paul G. Allen has purchased the building in town that he and Bill Gates had occupied when they started the Microsoft business. His company is named Genesis. My first thought? This is not a nostalgic act. Placing the MS energy back into secretive, military NM seems like much more than a trip down memory lane. It so happens that Sandia Labs is planning some sort of Peace Lab that will straddle the US/Mexico border at Santa Teresa. It is stated that this project is an outreach to the poor communities by introducing new technology into their lives. I think it is not as altruistic as it appears. I’m also reading that President Bush has proposed slashing the budget for nuclear environmental funding for Los Alamos and Sandia. This means a massive reduction of federally controlled nuclear waste disposal alternatives and opens a wide door for private enterprise to make big-time profits at the expense of the environment. These have been presented as three separate news items, but a Genesis-Peace Lab-Government combo doesn’t feel right. In the same breath, the government has announced a major grant for the education of the Native American communities in this state. While this is wonderful for the children, my hunch is that it is a carrot to dangle out there so our brothers and sisters who have largely remained so close to the earth energies, will not fuss over this environmental issue. Magicians are indeed masters of illusion.

04/06/01: Went with a friend to the casino this morning. As we walked in, security guards were just everywhere! As we walked further in, it seemed almost comical to me to see more guards than customers! An “a-ha” flashed in my mind. It had to be about moving money! It struck me that all this intense, dense, paranoid energy was expended on a cart full of basically worthless paper! Why do we place such value on a pile of paper backed by nothing? With this insight, I broke out in a fit of laughter seeing all this energy focused on fear and greed. Boy, are our priorities screwed up…

04/09/01: It amazes me how the media thinks people are so disconnected. Two or three news articles have come through the pipeline about the solar flares. The Sun’s surges of photon energy are reaching all the way to planet Jupiter and beyond. They have measured the more intense electromagnetic hits Jupiter is receiving from these photons. Yet, the SAME media tells us that these rays are “dodging” earth. That is so blatantly illogical, I laughed myself to tears (I’ve been doing a lot of that lately). The bottom line is that earth IS re-entering a powerful photon belt after a 2,100+ year cycle. It promises to bring a phenomenal cycle of societal renewal to this planet, but the only way we can know this is by intuition and faith. The controlled media is not going to discuss it.

04/19/01: I have noticed how the morning sun has been filtering through very tiny particles of dust, and I just learned that this dust is coming from the Gobi Desert in Asia! Imagine that—all the DNA and ancient life we are receiving from that part of the world; into our bodies, our minds, our souls. I also saw an incredible sight the other morning as (J) and I gazed out our 8th floor office window facing the eastern mountains—a very strange cloud formation. There were two distinct zigzag lightning-shaped formations. The awesome thing about this was that one “bolt” was fluffy white, while the mirror image of it was very dark and dense. (J) Couldn’t make it out, but it seemed so clear to me. My first thought was that a tremendous energy is amassing in the atmosphere, but it would be useless to say that to someone who could not see it. “You’re reading more into it than there is”, is becoming a stale and old statement to make to me, so I’ll just jot it down right here.

04/20/01: I got a call from the home office today, and it really put things in perspective for me. (K) was calling about the month-end billings, and said “Oh! It would be devastating if we can’t get month-ends out in time.” Huh? Compared to what? If late billing cycles are “devastating”, then how would watching a child’s brains scatter in a street under the wheel of a cement truck seem to you? I have witnessed this. How about the feeling of having your arms protectively wrapped around a wife and daughter while helplessly witnessing the drowning of the husband and father? I have witnessed this. I really wanted to ask: “What is it that you value here? What is it that drives you to exhaust so much time and energy over a billing cycle? Doesn’t anyone see the Great Cycle to end all cycles, here? I resisted the temptation, though. Perhaps I’m feeling an internal alarm clock about to go off. A thrust of irrational forces seems to be pushing me off-center. I acknowledge the warning and silence myself. I cannot seem to find the concise words to express this, but “Give me liberty, or give me death” is running through my mind right now. I have no idea what that has to do with billing cycles. I am working in the corporate world, but I am not OF it. When I enter into this energy, it feels like a machine programmed to treat folders of paper like demigods. I push it away, but the lessons I am learning here are priceless.

05/03/01: It’s been an interesting morning at work. I’m feeling great, excited and expectant, but it seems to me like everyone is moving around the environment as though they are walking against the wind. A wave of feeling came over me just before lunch time. My solar plexus and heart chakras felt an expansive pull, but then it subsided, only to rise again. I had the thought that something huge is about to happen. I don’t think it’s going to be a pay raise.

05/22/01: The workplace has lately evolved into an odd quiet. February, March, and April seemed to float by in a blur. But May has brought with it some sort of stepping back and resting stage. Even the office meetings are unusually sedate. I don’t know how to describe it, but it’s like the calm eye of a storm, or like the Universe is holding its breath.

05/24/01 Dream: I recall discussing multidimensional concepts with a man. We are in a vast, endless void of space. I get the sense that something is moving under our feet – secrets. I recall being advised to have courage and inner strength wherever I find the ‘dark’ as it really is–a force requiring Light. Also recall a man in a very bright white shirt.
Well, this dream totally eludes me. My dreams are usually far more optimistic than that. Maybe someone is withholding information. Patterns do have a way of revealing themselves. Oh well, I just record these things.

05/29/01: We are experiencing a major manifestation of moths right now. The attending biologist is telling us that an unusual second hatching has occurred. This reminds me of the solar cycle which is unexpectedly surging back to a maximum instead of subsiding in its own cycle. Well, everything is connected, huh? Anyway, these moths somehow infiltrated our offices on the 8th floor despite tightly sealed windows. I began thinking about how moths are so attracted to light, they are willing to commit suicide by landing on hot halogen bulbs! And they do nest in dark places, too. My dream is coming up as I think about this moth phenomenon: Coming out of the dark in search of the light. These moths are signaling a message. I’m going to have to think about this one. In the meantime, it’s comical to watch the boss trying to kill them all.

06/02/01: The King and Queen of Nepal (near India), along with several members of their royal family, were murdered yesterday by the 1st prince, says the news. Quite a story, but this gets me thinking that worldwide political and religious powers and figureheads are facing their demons now. We will, no doubt, see more and more irrational events from these ensconced powers. A major but subtle shift seems to be in play here.
Chakra (my cat) has captured, then let go of yet another bird. Three birds in the past two weeks. What’s up with this? I have buried two birds and a lizard (That’s so Mayan… hah!) in the backyard, thanks to Chakra. But she is now catching them and letting them go once she presents them to me. I have been able to hold these three, give them a little Reiki energy boost, and send them off. Nature is fascinating.

06/03/01: That vibration in my ears came back while I was washing the kitchen floor. It has come and gone a lot since my trip to the Mayan ruins, but is not a ringing sound. The tone prompts me to close my eyes and focus on it. This time I saw five vague orbs or spheres in my mind’s eye. Very interesting to explore. I just observe it, then let it go.

06/06/01: I have been having a GREAT morning, but I must be having it in another dimension (hah!). I’ve been making all sorts of silly little mistakes this morning. It is a good day to double check all my work, that’s for sure. While in this very “light” mood, I again saw the faces of some of my coworkers transform into very youthful, innocent, glowing auras–even as they were seemingly agitated about something. I have been getting glimpses of this for a few weeks. But now, I just have to tell someone when it happens, because it is so beautiful to see. It’s like a mask melts off and an ageless beauty emerges for a very brief moment. Certainly they think I’m wacky, but it does elicit a smile. That’s what matters.

06/11/01: Timothy McVeigh was executed this morning. So, now you are in the mists of reflection. You are now being judged in the only true way anyone can be judged. Let your mark on this planet be a reminder to all that in choosing life we must also take personal responsibility for it; but also that the act of revenge killing keeps the killing fields alive–a double-edged sword. Goodbye, Timothy McVeigh.

06/12/01: Lots of negative energy operating in the environment. Now, if I really step out and away from the events, I can see a timeline; that’s the only word I can use to describe it. There seems to be a force present that resists this drawing in of positive cooperation and inspired thinking. It is a constraining rather than expanding energy, and it feels like the only way to stop it is to find it and shut down the feeding source. But what is it? Where is it? The scientific mind of the ancient Maya would identify it as a property of measure and movement (time and space), so this must be leading somewhere. We do have a very effective total solar eclipse coming up next week. It appears that many of us are poised for eventful things. Many of us are sensing something. Well, I’ll just have to let this go. But it is interesting to me that in the mists of all this, the building air conditioner broke down, leaving us all stifling in the heat.

06/13/01 Dream: “I am riding in a car with others as we go to the ‘snow country’. A TV screen is mounted on the dashboard. I watch it from the back seat as two people in the front explain what is going on (I don’t recall what that was). We are viewing a ‘live broadcast’ and the newsman is giving a guided tour on what we can expect when we get there. The further we drive, the more intense is the snow, and we ‘know’ we are approaching the place where the broadcast is being televised. On arrival, the newsman takes my arm and leads me to the summit to assist a circle of people as they seek shelter. They seem to be almost buried in a white, powdery snow. Well, that’s about as close to watching TV as I have come for a few years!”

06/19/01: As we approach the total solar eclipse, there has been an unusual amount of shark attacks on the east coast. The eastern coastline has been the focus of intense negative energy for some time now. The Egyptian airliner that crashed just off the east coast; the Elian Gonzales drama; JFK, Jr. That seaboard is awash in dense energy. I think it will be a catalyst of some major proportions, though. The eclipse in Scorpio in March of 1996 occurred in tandem with Comet Hale-Bopp, and manifested the Heaven’s Gate suicides. The time between now and the Autumn Equinox in September could be quite intense for family/home/emotional issues (Cancer/Water). We’ll see. I know I have seen a big increase in communication within my own family. I also know that is a good period to surf the wave—bend like the tree.
(Later–) The winds have picked up to gusts of almost 65 mph. The forecasters say it came as a complete surprise to them, but it definitely has the stamp of the current planetary alignments on it. All this, along with the sudden drop of pressure in the bathtub piping, feels like a prelude of some sort. With that, I now end this journal and take it to meet with all the others-a record of my journey. I am now ready to begin logging the events of the total solar eclipse and to observe a new cycle.

06/21/01: I begin this summer solstice volume puttering in my yard and drinking in the sights and sounds of the life going on around me. I began watering when three birds flew loudly into my pine tree. They were making such a racket, I was disturbed from my plaintive mood. But I somehow sensed the birds were calling a message. As I bent down to tend the garden, they came in so close to me I was a bit unsettled. But suddenly they all fluttered off and a lone dove remained, cooing against the sirens that have been heard around the city since 5:30 this morning.
(Later–): Very sad news. On the very eve of summer solstice and total solar eclipse, Andrea Yates, Texas mother has allegedly murdered her five children in what is initially being blamed on postpartum depression. She apparently drown them (extremely strong Cancer/Moon symbology here). Texas is the home state of our President. I understand he was born under the sign of Cancer and so was the USA. Whoa. “Something is happening here; what it is ain’t exactly clear”—that old Buffalo Springfield song is dancing in my thoughts now.

06/22/01: Carroll O’Connor who made famous the character of Archie Bunker has died. His TV role as a symbol of the uninformed bigot has passed on with him. I send my Light in honor of his contribution to society; to learn to see how prejudice is so unfruitful. With the death of “Archie”, this perhaps is another signal of how the term “family values” is going to totally recreate itself—transform. Goodbye, Mr. O’Connor.
(Later–) The boss and I did a little unexpected “George and Gracie” routine that still has me laughing! He walked up to my desk and said;
“Why is it that eagles sit in dead trees all the time?”
I spontaneously replied “They’re waiting for the resurrection?”
In one of those awkward delayed reaction moments, we continued working when he turned around and said,
“Is that a Native American joke?”
We were almost rolling on the floor in laughter! Hah! Only now, I’m wondering why in the world he even asked that question!?!?!

06/26/01 Dream: Shopping in a mall I see a cash register. I see the number 119, or 911, or 117 on an LED screen. I become very aware that a very great debt has been incurred; something about this being charged to someone’s credit card, I think, and I want justice. I confront the ‘instigator’ and say I know all about what’s going on because I saw it come up on the cash register screen. Then, I begin walking among a group of people ‘looking for a way out’, and I show them another way. The feel of this dream was as though I were fully awake among sleeping people. Huh?

06/28/01: I received an e-mail from my granddaughter. We are both so excited about our journey through the southwest together! In just three weeks I will be heading out to California to see my family and to pick her up. I guess I’d better start making my travel arrangements.

07/02/01: I have a bowl on my desk that has “angel cards” in it. My coworkers have had lots of fun over the past few months picking out a joy card, or creativity card, or strength card; provides a little boost, I think. But interestingly, one employee left a little note, scribbled on a Post-It, inside the bowl today. On it was written “Continuously choosing the lesser to two evils is still choosing evil.” Seeing that note sent a chill through me.

07/04/01: Darn it! Chakra has brought yet another bird to the door! Perhaps there is an unusually high population this spring, or she has suddenly become an expert hunter.
The little life is in the process of transition now, and the other birds have been particularly watchful of this. They are coming right up to the patio door to try and help their little comrade despite Chakra’s presence. How unusual. But, nature has been very intense with odd behavior lately. A red-breasted bird has landed in the piñon pine on a lower branch. The deep red color struck me with its primitive, intense energy. Nature is aware of something and, on some level, I am feeling it deeply.
(10 min later–) The little bird has expired. It was amazing to see that final burst of unfettered energy that seems to precede death. After lying there so still and quiet, it suddenly flapped its wings and I was sure it had come back to renewed, vigorous life. But it was brief, and the soul lifted off. Just hours before Poppy passed away, he seemed to glow, too—his energy was immensely vigorous. I do believe that what must be happening is that a tremendous energy gathers to propel us to the other side. Some sort of rush of pure energy assists us in the journey and makes us whole again–restores us. What a miracle. The other birds are gathering around me, the dead bird, and even Chakra. Together, we are waving goodbye. This is no typical cat/bird tale–not to me. The other birds were tremendously tuned in and focused on the loss of their family member. Something is up here.

07/08/01: Why am I not surprised that [former] Congressman Gary Condit of California has admitted to authorities his affair with Chandra Levy? Politicians are great examples of hypocrisy. This same man came down hard on President Clinton over the fiasco with Monica Lewinsky. I believe Miss Levy was last seen on April 30th.
I also see that the United Kingdom is experiencing a demonstrative rise in racial tension; apparently, it is whites against Asians this time. I wish that each human being could have the experience of looking down UPON our earth to see how useless it is to swing swords at imagined fears. Yet, most do live in the illusion—even now.

07/09/01: Wow! Planets Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, and Saturn are all coming together in the next several days in Gemini and Cancer. Holey, moley; the next several weeks could bring some real explosive news, and by year’s end, The Weather Channel will probably be boring no more!

07/20/01: Vacation begins! I’m FREE! In the morning I will be on my way to California via Utah and Nevada; Britt and I are planning an interstate cave/canyon adventure tour…yes!
I bought “The Way of the Peaceful Warrior” to give to Brian before I leave. I somehow feel he is ready for this book, or the book is ready for him. When he saw it he reflected a minute and then said, “Mom! Remember that friend I had years ago? Mike? He had a red Mustang. I got in to it one day, and THIS BOOK was on his car seat. At the time, I thought it was a weird book but I never forgot it. But for you to give it to me now is even weirder! Thanks!” That’s interesting….
Well, California, here I come, right back where I started from….

07/22/01: Well, here I am in Springerville, Utah. I saw some awesome scenery right after Blanding and on in to Moab. Then, it was desert all the way to Price. I cruised in to the city with the Beach Boys singing “Round, round, getta around—I get around”. Cool!

07/25/01: I just heard on the news that a fire has broken out at Yosemite Park. This is interesting, because when I was leaving Springerville a few days earlier, a fire had broken out on the nearby mountain. I also just read that Calico Ghost Town near Barstow is burning. Yosemite and Calico are the first two stops on our trip back to New Mexico! What’s up with that?

07/31/01: Britt and I have had a great adventure! We’ve been to Yosemite-on-fire, and to a half-burned-down ghost town, and to the Grand Canyon (where the southern plateau is on fire!), and to Canyon de Chelly (where a man had fallen over the cliff just before we arrived). Oh, yes! We also were greeted by a dead albino cow at the entrance to the Hubble Trading Post in Arizona! Signs, signs, everywhere a sign.
We motored into Albuquerque talking about dreams. She told me she has had dreams about spheres in space, which is interesting because I have many such dreams. Maybe it runs in the family.

08/01/01 Dream: “I am about to take an elevator with others. A fun-loving man is the elevator attendant. We are supposed to go to the 5th floor, but before we do this, he takes us on a ‘test run’ to see if we will be comfortable with this; he calls it an “adjustment period”. I’ve also been having a lot of dreams about the number 5 lately; 5, and 11, and 711 or 911, or 119. Humm

08/03/01: Reading “Song of the Deer”. I just read the part where it speaks of how our animals absorb human energy and when present during a healing, they will take up the negative energy. “Your animals will literally die for you”, it says. Bandit, my beloved cat friend who comforted me while I took care of Poppy, was a great teaching in this. My 1998 journal entries attest to his honor and sacrifice.
When I am doing a Reiki session for a client, Chakra is always present. She moves into an intensely focused mode of quietude and usually positions herself at the feet of the client, but when the energy is particularly negative, she will back into the corner of the room and remain like a little sphinx through the entire session. My little healer cat.

08/05/01: In this moment, perhaps all of today, an undercurrent is running through me. It is a deep feeling, like I am unsure about something, but I do not know what that something is. This “sudden change” feeling has been with me since springtime, and I seem to be hearing my thoughts asking questions like – What now? What’s next? All of a sudden it is this feeling that a culmination of the past several months, perhaps back to last September in Yucatan and the Mayan ruins, is about to occur in some manifested way.
I just glanced over the CNN website and discovered that major flooding is occurring around the earth. Even in Massachusetts, where a water channel was discovered. They claim it is 100 times larger than the greatest channels on earth! Water, Cancer, Total Solar Eclipse; I have a feeling all this is setting the tone for the next major solar eclipse to occur in December, 2002.

08/06/01: I have been studying the Sacred Science of Geometry. Fascinating. I randomly reopened it to a page that talks about the unreality of matter. It talks about electromagnetic currents from the brain; left brain/right hand (electro); right brain/left hand (magnetic). As I apply this to my work in Reiki healing therapy, I am coming up with a concept on why it is that most of my clients remark that when the energy is being transmuted around their head, this is when they feel the most release and relaxation, and they experience some answers and insights about themselves. Being a left-handed individual, my magnetic hand is placed on their electro or left side of the brain, and my right electro hand is placed on their magnetic or right side of the brain. It seems to follow that my left hand/right brain dominance, placed with right hand/left brain dominance would naturally heighten a balanced sense of energy. I wonder how many left-handers are healers. After all, only about 10% of the population is left-handed. I want to explore this more thoroughly.

08/08/01: What a strange experience I had today! I was passing by the office of one of my coworkers, when I glanced out the window and thought for sure I had seen the 15-story hotel across the street full of black smoke and flames arising from the higher floors. But just as I registered the scene, it was gone! The building was completely intact and normal. It was just a flash vision that melted in a nanosecond, it seems. Whoa. I told a coworker about it but, as usual, I get the “rolling eyes” reply. Agh!

08/09/01: Another one of those precious, spontaneous, humorous moments happened today. I have a note on the Kleenex box: “Do not remove”. When asked why I did that, I replied that someone keeps moving it, and I want it right there because someone is always sneezing and in need of a tissue around here and I want them to have easy access to this box. A moment of silence, then (D) says “Bless you, my child.” We all broke out in healthy, unfettered laughter! Laughter that comes that spontaneously is one of life’s greatest restorative gifts.

08/16/01 Dream: “Literally, a knight in shining armor is standing on a board/plank, in front of me and elevated about 6 feet. This swashbuckler fellow is swinging a sword about as I look at him quizzically. Then he stops, and with the most sincere, intense, and focused demeanor he says to me, ‘You must believe that no matter what you see, no matter what you hear or feel, this sword will not harm you in any way. It is all an illusion. Do not forget that.’ “
How could I forget THAT? Wow! You know, this male guide or protector has been appearing in different disguises over the last several months. Sometimes he is a clown, or a comic jazz pianist, or sometimes just standing around on the periphery of my dreamscapes, observing and protecting. Whoever you are, thank you!

08/18/01: About a week ago, I lost my healing-hand pin, a little silver hand with a ruby heart on the palm. I was planning to go get another one. But today, I noticed that the backing had been placed on my desk. OK, so the janitor must have seen it, and the other part must be close by.
About that time, (J) comes by to tell me she noticed the backing and wondered what the rest of it looked like. After I described it, her eyes threw open wide. “It’s sitting on my window sill at home!” she exclaimed. She had kept feeling something on the bottom of her shoe while shopping after work last week and finally discovered it was this pin! At the time, she had no idea where it came from. I could not resist commenting on the vision that then arose in my mind, and I said “So….I guess you needed a healing hand on your…sole soul….huh?” We need to take this company act on the road!

08/25/01: A Sacramento, Ca. man has allegedly killed 5 members of his family and is still at-large.
The number 5 is becoming more and more prevalent in my awareness. Five is the number of upheaval and spontaneous change. Something huge is about to happen, I just know it.

08/26/01: What is this with all the car accidents in the area? Just today, I came across two of them at intersections, within about 10 minutes. Then, while talking with a coworker, we hear a clashing of metal and look down into the street to see another accident has occurred! Then, coming home this evening, yet another intersection accident occurs, off the main roads, and only a block from my home! I swear there are erratic energies just flying through the atmosphere! I walked in to find Chakra walking cautiously around as though stepping around land mines or something. She totally refused to go outside. Something is awry, that’s for sure. I hope my swashbuckler friend is close by; geezh!

08/29/01: The apparent string of auto accidents over the past few days is being manifested by a highly erratic, defocusing energy. The people driving these vehicles are not focused at all; it’s as though some sort of hypnotic energy is breaking down the ability to concentrate, focus. This also explains the memory lapses some of my coworkers have been experiencing, right in the middle of a thought. My own boss temporarily forgot how to spell the last name of HIS boss. He said the way he was spelling just suddenly did not look right to him…whoa. This is a good period for staying highly aware of surroundings, and noticing when those mental lapses are creeping up because this could get dangerous. Know thyself comes to mind as I write this.

08/30/01: My Native American friend phoned today. She said it is “too quiet“, echoing my own thoughts. It is like the Universe is holding its breath….still.

08/31/01: Oh, my.…another man has allegedly killed 5 family members [turned out later to be a total of seven people], in Iowa this time.
Three family mass slayings have been in the news just since summer solstice. These family/friend mass murders are humanly tragic and spiritually chock full of the signs of erratic, drastic energy shifts that are now underway. And there is the number 5, again.
(Later–) Dear Journal: We are just simply not in Kansas anymore. My cell phone suddenly became so hot in my hand a few days ago, I had to drop it. I took it over to the store on my lunch hour today, but the technician could find nothing wrong. He popped in a new battery for free, and off I went. But when I reached the car, the voice message signal alerted me. As I sat listening to the message, I got chills. It was a woman who called herself “Donna”. She said she had been held by five Cuban men at gunpoint for five hours and just escaped. She was pleading to have someone be at a bus stop in Ft. Collins, CO. Obviously, she had dialed the wrong number; she was calling “James”. As soon as the message was over, the cell phone heated up quickly and again died on me. So, what am I supposed to do with THIS bit of information?
I have no idea when this message was taped. Three days ago? Three hours ago? My phone did not register a call number. There is absolutely nothing I can do, and I just wonder why it was MY number that had to get this call. My phone is not the only thing heating up around here. And, by golly, there is the number 5 — AGAIN! I have seen more ambulances and fire engines over the past five days than I have seen in five months. All these signs are pointing more and more to a Uranus-like abruptness and upheaval. My plan? Observe; just observe and watch the illusion unfold, right Mr. Swashbuckler man?

09/01/01 Dream: Well, Mr. Swashbuckler Man appeared again, and he is dressed like Indiana Jones this time; just jumping around and pumped up with energy and action. But this time, I grab him by the white shirt he is wearing, and I say to him ‘Listen! It’s time for you to RELAX!’ With that, I push him backwards into a white porcelain bathtub. HAH! I’m really getting to like this guy!

09/03/01: I am reflecting on the wonderful celebration and friendship I experienced at the Acoma reservation a few days ago. My Native American friends invited me for a meal in their Acoma home. They began talking about how the ancient Anazasi and Egyptian structures could have been built. Even the direct descendants of the builders of these structures are stunned with the feat! Well, out of nowhere, a strong concept pierced through my darting thoughts: An ant carries 100x its own weight. A rather simple thought, I guess, but it reminded me of the Hopi ancient texts with the story of ants who protected and fed the survivors of each world age. These “ants” had extraordinary mental power.

09/04/01: I just have this nagging feeling that an abrupt change is about to shake up my life. I know that since April, I have been acutely aware of some great change. But, I believe I have become pretty resilient with change and flux, so, whatever. I’m learning to surf the wave. Yes!

09/05/01: I’ve been reading “Taking the Quantum Leap”; quantum physics at its finest. The author explains Einstein’s early theories, among which was that the discontinuities in the emission and absorption of light and heat were not to be found in the oscillating bits of matter producing heat and light; rather they were IN the heat and light energy itself! Bravo!
This instantly brought up in my mind a fascinating dream I had back in 1998, before I even gave a conscious thought to the Maya or the southwest, or to the Native American culture at all. But it was this:
A shaman (probably Mr. Swashbuckler in another disguise) is shaking a rattlesnake tail as he approaches me. With piercing and intense eyes, he comes right up to me and says, ‘Remember this; it is what is IN the tail that matters.’
That dream remained a puzzle until two years later, when I found myself visiting ancient Mayan ruins in Yucatan. At Chichen Itza, the sun manifests a perfect serpent during the fall equinox. The “tail” points up to the heavens from the top of the pyramid—to the Pleiades, the ancient lore tells us. Well, perhaps it is what was (or is) in the pinnacle of the pyramids that matters; something that perhaps has been overlooked, or cannot be seen with a 3D lens on life. I wonder what that could be. My hunch is that Einstein came very close to the answer to that mystery.

09/07/01 Dream: I am on a luxury cruise. The ‘excursion of many days’ is now winding down. Some crew members are preparing the ship cabins for new arrivals as I go into a wide open cabin/hall. There, people are receiving parting gifts. I am then told of a marriage that will be taking place between a crew member and a cruise guest. I then see other crew members hosing down beautiful, translucent crystals to make them clean and whole again. I am a little nostalgic that the cruise has ended, but it does seem like we have been on this cruise for a very, very long time.

09/08/01 Dream: About the numbers 1 and 5. Something about these two numbers being endpoints of some kind. I awoke and immediately reread the ancient teachings on the vibration of the number 5, and it finally hit me that many ancient texts talk about the “5th and last world.” That’s it! We are approaching the age of transformation now! The five-pointed star represents the 4 directions, with the “mental man” at the pinnacle, striving for higher unity. In the natural cycle of the Universe, we have come back around to some sort of “opening”; an opportunity to reach up into higher thought, higher dimensions. This must be the reason for the erratic Uranian energies now. It is always darkest before the dawn, and I think that maybe we are at the stage now where we are reaching the midpoint of the dark, and coming in to an age of light and renewal. Time to start anchoring the light. This will take many years to nurture, though. I would say almost a generation—around 2016-17. Time to start a new journal.

09/09/01: I begin this new journal on the same day as I finished the last one, because it just seems like a good time for new beginnings. (^_^).

Sept. 10, 2001 Dream:

Holey moley! A night of quite explosive dreaming overnight! I am just stunned!
I am standing on a wide open desert plain, but it feels somewhat like a surrealistic New Mexican town. I am getting reports that planes will crash ‘in the east.’ I look to the east and see 5 or more jetliners crash and explode in flames. I think that they have crashed in Iowa or Indiana because the letter ‘I’ is impressed upon me. But then, as I measure the distance in my dream mind, it occurs to me that the trajectory of the planes would put this further east than that. Then, after a pause, I look to the west into a fiery sunset, and I see the ‘mother of all airships’ flying at stunning speed. I turn to a woman standing with me who simply and calmly says,  ‘And so it has come…
This beast of an airship is spewing out flames all around and although it is flying at incredible speed, I am somehow able to see its detail. It is dark and monstrous and fierce; then it, too, crashes in the east. It just disintegrates. I recall saying over and over as the planes are crashing, ‘They are now atoms and particles pressed out into space, remnants of the human race.’

I awoke spontaneously and cannot even imagine why I would have such a dream.


Sketched in my journal, “planes crashing”

(Later) Strange morning: First thing, the front door alarms at work malfunctioned and created all sorts of problems. Then I get a letter from my son’s former wife and containing his birth certificate. With it was a short note, “I think Brian may need this soon.” After all this time, she sends it now? Then, I went to the bank to get petty cash and the teller suddenly could not count out the money! It took four tries on her part. And the company phone systems screwed up and started disconnecting everyone! On my lunch break, I walked over to B&N to go book hunting. Just as I was walking toward the entrance, a young girl came out and was walking toward me. Ordinary girl, just like any other shopper on an ordinary day. Nothing at all made her stand out among all the rest of us buzzing in and out of the store and through the parking lot. She was just quickly leafing through the book in her hand as she walked to her car. Nevertheless, when I saw her, my immediate thought was “Something is about to change. All this ordinary life is going to change.” I could not get that out of my brain. However, the strangest thing for me was that when I went to pour myself some coffee back at the office, the energy buzzing through the pot was incredible. I turned to (G) and said “We are most assuredly not in Kansas anymore, Todo.” That pot almost vibrated out of my hand! I don’t know why no one else remarked about that. The air feels like a rubber band is about to snap. I told one of my coworkers about the dream I had overnight. We were dumbfounded as to why I would dream such a violent dream when I am not experiencing trouble in my personal life and almost all dreams in my life were good, positive. But it gave us a chance to share some dreams and enjoy a discussion.

09/11/01: I am sitting in my van on lunch break trying to absorb what has just happened on the East Coast. The World Trade Center and the Pentagon have been attacked. I don’t watch TV, but when I came to work this morning, my coworkers were gathered around one. They told me two planes had crashed into the WTC; all I could say was “more are coming.”
I just heard Sen. Joe Biden say on the radio, “We are coming into a new reality.” He may never realize how much Truth was spoken in those words.

Since that horrific day in September 2001, I have heard a lot of talk about getting “the terrorists.” But, we have seen terrorism emerge from virtually every region of the world since the beginning. These “fanatics” are only the “swords”. But, what about the powerful forces using those swords, turning them INTO fanatics? The wars in our world will end when they are ended in our minds. And who is feeding those minds? Those who watch behind the scenes in high places and who understand the power of FEAR. That is the real war we need to win.

Written by Galactic Maya

January 9, 2017 at 10:40 am

POPPY: A Story of Life Through Death

(Originally posted at Yahoo Geocities, 2001.)

While caregiving for my terminally ill father in 1997 and 1998, I kept a journal of our day-to-day experiences.  It was not until months after he passed that I went back to review the journal.   I realized with 20/20 hindsight that a profound Spiritual transformation had taken place,  later culminating in a shared near-death experience.

This journey would see us move from self-absorptive daily matters to the wonder of wider realities in the Universe from psychic activity, visitations by my deceased mother and  profound self-examination to my father’s inexplicable descriptions of “plasma”. It was a life-changing journey for both of us and brought awareness and a much more expanded consciousness in that we are just one aspect of a much larger universe of consciousness; that there is indeed conscious life after death.

It is my hope that our experiences as he moved toward physical death will provide some insight for others.

Interestingly, these journal excerpts highlight observed current events going on at that time that in hindsight, have proven quite relevant to events ongoing in our world today.

20 pages

my poor attempt to recreate an 11/02/1998 dream
© 1998-2008

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