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Bob Lazar on Joe Rogan #1315: He Described “Black Portholes”, I Felt Vindicated

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I have quietly waited for decades for someone to describe “black portholes” in connection with UFO/UAP sightings.   Today, I sat back and listened to Bob Lazar on the Joe Rogan Experience #1315 discuss his experience of working with a component of an ET craft at a subsection of Area 51 in Nevada named “S4.”  I was just tootling along, taking notes and enjoying the conversation.

Joe Rogan Experience #1315Then at 35 minutes in, Mr. Lazar describes a feature of the “top layer” of this 3-level vehicle thus:

…some planar panels or sensor panels around the craft that we would call portholes; but they’re not portholes. they’re just black areas and I think that just determines their position in space.

My jaw dropped.  One of the outstanding features of my own 1980 UFO Sighting near Rancho Seco Nuclear Power Plant in August 1980 was:

…portholes all around it, which were not lit from behind but dark against the red glow.

I previously harbored ambivalence regarding the history of Mr. Lazar; however, as far as I am concerned, the reference to black portholes put me on board with his story.

Mr. Lazar suggested that a former researcher working on this “anti-gravity” reactor died while handling this reactor.   He suggested the military explanation:  “Supposedly, there was an unannounced nuclear test”.  His understanding was that the person involved may have been trying to cut into this device and was “exposed”.

This immediately sent my thoughts back to an old story connected to Area 51 – a legal battle headed by Constitutional lawyer Jonathan Turley, representing Area 51 workers who were dying and died due to exposure to “hazardous waste that the military was refusing to acknowledge.   From Mr. Turley:

jonathan turley

How could the law be applied at a place that did not exist for the burning of unknown things? Of course, Kasza did exist, as did his colleagues, including another worker who died, Bob Frost. But when they became sick — with rashes, racking coughs or dreadful skin conditions — they were barred from telling doctors where they worked or what they had been exposed to. After Frost’s death, an analysis of tissue samples from his body found unidentifiable and exotic substances that one of the nation’s premier scientists could not recognize. [Emphasis mine]

This case eventually forced the military to even acknowledge that an “Area 51” existed, although some cases may have indeed actually been from “S4”.  So, it may be that the death of this former employee Mr. Lazar alludes to may have had something to do with being exposed to mysterious “hazardous waste” at the very least.

Mr. Lazar stated that he thought the craft he worked on may have been about 52 feet across. Quite small in comparison to many witness descriptions measured in football-field sizes.

However, the well-documented experience of Travis Walton [Fire In The Sky] being abtravis waltonducted by an unidentifiable spaceship includes his description of small ships inside the mother ship that he estimated to be “about forty or forty-five feet in diameter”:

On my left, toward one end of the large room, there were two or three oval-shaped saucers, reflecting light like highly polished chrome. I could see two of them very clearly, and a silvery reflection that could have been another shiny, rounded craft. They were about forty or forty-five feet in diameter, quite a bit smaller than the angular vehicle I had just come out of. I saw no projections or breaks in the smooth, shiny, flattened spheres. They sat on very rounded bottoms and I could not see how they balanced that way.

Travis walton artists impression small ships

Image courtesy Michael H. Rogers ©1996

So, perhaps what Mr. Lazar believes he was working on was one of these smaller scout ships, described by Mr. Walton. [Video: Travis Walton discusses his experience with Alien Technology ]

When asked how he thought these craft (9, according to him) were retrieved, Mr. Lazar said he vaguely recalls the craft came to light “during an archaeological dig“. Okay, now my mind shifts to Dr. Joseph P. Farrell and his two-part lecture on “Cosmic War and Cosmic Versailles”, detailing his thesis of an ancient war, delivered at the Secret Space Program Conference in 2015 at Basrop, Texas.  After all, archaeology is interested in really, really old evidence. Interestingly, when the “allied forces” crashed into Iraq in 2003, thousands of ancient cuneiform tablets, and other priceless artifacts were whisked out. [Perhaps they were looking for ANCIENT Weapons of Mass Destruction?].

The recent important leak of what is now commonly known as The Admiral Wilson Memo was briefly discussed later in the show. Historian and UFO researcher Richard Dolan has done both a written narrative and a video discussing this memo.  (Written article HERE Video link HERE.)

Lastly, though I would say most interesting, was this from Mr. Lazar at about 20 min 08 seconds:

There was some paperwork that indicated that this was from Zeta reticuli  star system. Now, yeah, now how they obtained that I haven’t the slightest idea.

How about perhaps binary coding that first emerged from the 1980 Rendlesham Forest/Bentwaters AFB, England detailing a possible close encounter of the 3rd, maybe even 4th kind, resurfacing 35 years later when a second military man would receive a binary code “download” and it would in part refer to Zeta Reticuli. with an odd spelling of “Z Ruticuli 39.170”

From my Jan 2017 blog titled Is Humanity Poised at the Edge of A Galactic UFO Paradigm Shift? [1980 Rendlesham incident included in above link] :

“This coding has been translated as” –

Continuous protection of humanity 49.27n, 11.5e. Expose Hidden Knowledge to ALL ` citizens. Advancement imperative for planetary survival. Beware of Orion 1350.3 and Z Ruticuli 39.170. Avoid [signal] messages sent.


“Imperative for Planetary Survival”

Video 2014: The late Five Star UK Admiral & Chief of Defense Blows Whistle on UFOs

lord admiral.png

Personally, I sense strongly that people, groups, commercial entities capitalizing on the UFO/UAP phenomena will not bring about honest, experiential disclosure. It will come in one global sweep of collective consciousness.  Time dilation. IMHO.

We are on the verge.


UPDATE 07/24/20THE STAR: Evidence suggests UFO whistleblower Bob Lazar was telling the truth all along

But of course.

The Mysterious Circumstances Surrounding the National Solar Observatory at Sunspot, New Mexico

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On September 14 2018, I was sent a Washington Post article titled: A solar observatory in New Mexico is evacuated for a week and the FBI is investigating. No one will say why .
It states that:
1. The facility was still vacant after a week at the time this article was written. (It closed on 9/06/18.)
2. Two security guards stationed at the blocked entrance stated that they were also in the dark about the incident. They stated they were from Red Rock Security & Patrol in Las Cruces, NM. [I could not find a web site for this firm, only a Facebook page. It appears to be a small LLC.]
3. A spokesman for the “nonprofit group” that runs the organization stated: “I can tell you it definitely wasn’t aliens.”
4. The reporter stated that the FBI was “spotted on the premises around the time of the evacuation-”
5. Otero County Sheriff Benny House stated, “They wouldn’t give us any details” -. House also stated that he and his officers “spotted a Black Hawk helicopter” around the same time but this would not be particularly unusual with military bases in the vicinity
6. A spokesman for the AURA Consortium (building managers) stated that they were, “working with the proper authorities on this issue”, though she declined to name these “authorities”.

I subsequently heard vague accounts of “crews climbing antennas” and other activities, but still no explanations. On 9/15/18, I stumbled upon a YouTube channel run by Mr. Ransom Godwin. He drove to the facility on 9/13/18 and you can CLICK HERE to view what he found when he arrived.  Note that the yellow tape simply states “Caution” rather than “Crime Scene Do Not Cross”. If there is an “ongoing FBI investigation”, it sure doesn’t appear to be happening in Sunspot.

On 9/16/18, The Association of Universities for Research in Astronomy (AURA) released a statement on the issue. Here is an excerpt:

The decision to vacate was based on the logistical challenges associated with protecting personnel at such a remote location, and the need for expeditious response to the potential threat. AURA determined that moving the small number of on-site staff and residents off the mountain was the most prudent and effective action to ensure their safety.

I was piqued by the phrasing, “logistical challenges associated with protecting personnel-” . All public facilities have practiced evacuation policies for personnel and for the public in the event the need arises, so this seemed odd.


We recognize that the lack of communications while the facility was vacated was concerning and frustrating for some. However, our desire to provide additional information had to be balanced against the risk that, if spread at the time, the news would alert the suspect and impede the law enforcement investigation. That was a risk we could not take.

This made no sense to me. Spotting a Blackhawk helicopter, seeing FBI, and subsequently finding a completely abandoned area, with labs, heavy equipment, and homes completely unprotected would unquestionably “impede the law enforcement investigation” and “alert the suspect”. The news went global just hours after all this happened.

They also announced that they were going to be back to regular operations “as of September 17th.” Mr. Godwin then went back to Sunspot in the early morning of 9/17/18 and did an update video, which clearly shows that no one, not even a guard or moving van could be found. CLICK HERE for video.

So, until/unless specific and verifiable information comes to light, there will be theories abounding all over the globe. For me, the fact that the evacuation certainly appears to be so sudden as to leave research labs unlocked, homes unprotected, heavy equipment out in the open, and government and civilian cars abandoned is a puzzlement.

Speculation is rife, and that’s understandable given the lack of honesty and the obviously chaotic nature of this sudden event.

Is it the sun? Professional and amateur space watchers around the world watch the sun. It would be rather hard to hide some massive solar event or “alien fleet” at the sun. We’d know in about 8-10 minutes (3-4 days for CMEs) if the sun blasted out a killer solar flare.  And if an alien armada is on the way, we’ll know soon enough, right?

Espionage? I personally don’t think any foreign spy would need to use this observatory to spy on Holloman AFB or White Sands Missile Range. There are plenty of remote and well-placed areas where spies could set up, though probably not for long, IMO.

Criminal activity? Why was the local Sheriff and police left in the dark then? (As of this posting, he’s still apparently in the dark– and rightfully “pissed “about it. CLICK HERE)

Alien Presence? I’ve had my own experiences with “alien presence” [here and here, for example], so it’s plausible to me. However, that does not particularly make it so in this one case.

Cross-border (immigration) incident? Sunspot is indeed near the Mexico border but very doubtful it would have involved this way-overplayed drama.

Rather than looking up or around, maybe we should be looking under?

Sunspot NM

Google capture of Sunspot, NM

I had a dream a few weeks ago about “underground chaos” so upon hearing about this, my first intuition was that an area underground base might be where the action originally took place. New Mexico is famous for underground bases, and Sunspot has long been thought to have a subterranean base. It is, after all, just to the east of Holloman AFB and White Sands Missile Range, as well as our Spaceport.

It’s plausible that some top secret project or surveillance was taking place underground and the solar observatory was the unsuspecting cover (to civilian employees). Perhaps something went wrong with the “project” or even with an “entity” and the “risk” was that a cover was being blown and they needed to act swiftly, no matter how awkward it might appear outwardly. Civilian scientists and other personnel would have no idea, except maybe the Director.

The entire evacuation story may have been yet another cover to get people off the mountain so they could go in and do whatever it was that was so urgent. This might account for a Blackhawk needing to assist in transporting something up through the observatory or around it. It also might account for “crews up on antennas” possibly to cut off secretly planted devices for space-based computer communications or even activate them.

Since the entire event is still shrouded in vague throw-out lines, it’s going to be rather difficult for the public to believe any explanation given by “authorities.” Whatever occurred, it feels as though a complete breakdown in trying to handle public relations because of the sudden and unforeseen problem, whatever it was.

In short,  the cover story for the “cover story” seems to have gone awry.

Update 9/20/18: According to El Paso, TX KTSM News, the reason behind the evacuations, not working with the Otero Co. Sheriff, leaving property, autos, labs, and homes completely unsecured for 10 days is because of a child pornography bust.

The source of child pornography was traced to an IP address used at the observatory and a source within the building observed a computer with “not good” images on it, the warrant states.

Yeah, sure. Question: Wondering if the “janitor” was the one who left the “X-Files” DVD on the trash can lid near a window?

09/20/18 from Las Cruces Sun News: “Documents: Sunspot janitor told chief of ‘serial killer in the area

The search warrant filed last week in federal court in Las Cruces said the facility’s chief observer, who was not identified, told FBI agents in August he found a laptop computer with child pornography several months earlier but did not immediately report the discovery to authorities because he was “distracted” by an unspecified urgent issue at the observatory.


After Cope could not find his laptop, the court documents said, he began to act frantically and told the chief observer that there was a “serial killer in the area, and that he was fearful that the killer might enter the facility and execute someone.”

What? How does any of this constitute a “National Security” problem? The “chief observer” was not identified but apparently “distracted” by an “unspecified urgent issue” at the observatory, and no one has even been charged to date. A janitor running around yelling that a “serial killer” might kill somebody? All based on hearsay and “unspecified” events?

So far, it seems that everything is being made up as they go.

Updates and related:

The first interstellar object seen by humans:
From Universe Today 10/31/2018:
Could Oumuamua Be an Extra-Terrestrial Solar Sail? – “As for what an extra-terrestrial light sail would be doing in our Solar System, Bialy and Loeb offer some possible explanations for that. First, they suggest that the probe may actually be a defunct sail floating under the influence of gravity and stellar radiation, similar to debris from ship wrecks floating in the ocean. This would help explain why Breakthrough Listen found no evidence of radio transmissions.”

09/22/18: “VIDEO: 38 UFOs Pass Across The Moon And Was Filmed by Astronomer in Italy” from 07/29/18. Birds? Satellites? Meteor shower? Photoshop? Real deal? CLICK HERE for full video and case file analyses.
(Side note: At 29 sec on the “shortened video”, one of those black objects appears to cross right over the right rim of what appears to be Tycho crater, ~53 miles [85 km] in diameter. I’m no math whiz, but wouldn’t give some kind of reference to the object’s size, taken together with distance, mag and angles, etc.? I didn’t see this mentioned in the analyses)
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