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Traveling On: Epilogue

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The house was indeed sold in June 1999.  I moved in with Guni until I would decide where to go from there.  Aaron and I had parted ways shortly after the holidays–he had done his part, and I was ready to move on as well.    I then had a series of dreams involving a long line of Native Americans in full traditional attire, coming to bring me “gifts for the journey.”  I would awake and know that I needed to move to the southwestern United States.  When I told Guni and my family, they tried to discourage me by telling me I had no job, no family, no friends out there.   I replied that this journey was much bigger than me and I was fully prepared to act on faith.
My son had again become addicted to drugs, drugs that were being supplied at the rehab center!   For days, I did not hear from him, and I was planning to leave within just a few weeks.  I knew then that if he did not come with me, death would soon find him.  Finally, just two days before I was ready to leave, he called me.  He was at the bottom.  He had lost everything.  I went to pick him up and found him crying on a streetside curb,  utterly helpless.  I heard my father’s words repeat  in my mind: 

…get him out of the city!

I told him he had a choice—he could come with me and create anew or he could allow me to get the news that my son was found lying dead in a gutter somewhere.   Just two hours before my scheduled departure from our city and California, he showed up, threw his things into the back of the van, and said “Hi, mom.  Need company?”
We spent ten full days roaming the sweltering deserts of the southwest.  Together, we had simply placed our destiny into the hands of a higher Force.  We went through his withdrawal and as unpleasant and painful it was for him, he did not complain, not once.  After about six days on the road, camping, seeing sites, and talking, he began to look like he was coming alive. 
I had been juicing vegetable and fruit drinks twice daily for him, and I gave him Reiki treatments when he asked.  When he felt strong and felt that he had moved past the desire for a fix, we decided we could begin to re-establish ourselves.  But where?  
In early August, 1999 we were camping at a KOA campground in Albuquerque.  Neither of us could sleep, so we sat at the picnic table and played cards.  We were situated very close to the Sandia mountain range.  It was about 11 p.m. when all of a sudden the sky lit up like daytime for a split second.  We both turned toward the mountain and saw a small meteor fly by so close, we thought it must have landed in Colorado! 
We turned to each other and said together, “We are staying right here!”   It was awesome.

That was eight years ago.  Since that time, my son has reclaimed his life.  He has been drug-free for eight years, holds a stable job, and enjoys the company of friends who have surrounded him with love, support, and inspiration.  He has expressed a desire to someday counsel others who have walked the path he walked.  I am now a successful self-employed medical transcriptionist. 

In 2001, we witnessed 911 in New York, as the world did.  I had had a dream two nights before about it.  That is another story,

In January 2003, I received news that my only sibling, my half-brother Michael, had died unexpectedly in his sleep from a cerebral aneurysm.  That same year in July our first grandson was brought into the world.  Two hours later, his grandfather unexpectedly died from an acute blood clot to the heart, causing a massive heart attack.  I was grateful that just a few months prior to his death, I had been inspired to write him a note to tell him how proud he would be of his son now. Yet the father of our children has visited me in dreams and assured me that he is watching out for them…and for me.

So, now I have even more help from the other side—that is how I look at it now.

I chose to post these journal entries written during a personal, critical, and life-changing phase in my life in hopes that someone out there might derive some hope and inspiration from it.  If you or anyone you know might benefit from my story, please feel free to forward it by e-mail to friends or print it and pass it on. 

I hope to inspire others to the knowledge that when we approach the prospect of the death of a loved one or even ourselves, we can choose to realize that we are much more than passive in the event.  If we can open ourselves to the Spiritual assistance that is available to us.  We can become “earthly angels”, so to speak, in helping a loved one to take that final leap.  The death experience is not just about the dying; in fact, it is not dying at all, but simply a transformation of consciousness or focus.   Keep your awareness open and your mind flexible.  

I have written some notes on caring for the dying (Caregiving 101…) based on my own experience.



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Written by Galactic Maya

March 15, 2008 at 8:59 pm

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