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Dec. 20, 1997 (Dream):

First, I am standing under a street light beaming down through the mists and onto a deserted street. Then, my mother and father appear, along with an unseen presence. We are at an airport. Mom and I have a sixth sense that there may be some difficulty ahead and we hesitate for a moment. But then, we are all going up an escalator, when dad becomes very excited and runs up ahead of us; he is like a happy child. He goes through a gate, but it appears only partly opened and he cannot get through. Mom and I watch him closely. He makes it on the 2nd try and runs up the escalator and looking so young, handsome, and happy. I am concerned, but mom turns to me and reassures me (mentally) that things will be okay.

Dec. 22, 1997: Looks like the house is going to be filled with family members over the next few weeks.  My nieces both have boyfriends now, but they are still living with Poppy and me.  Brian and (T) have gotten themselves into trouble again, so my little sweet granddaughter will be spending some time with us, too.

Let’s see.   Poppy is dying, my son and daughter-in-law are moving in that direction with their drug addictions, Aaron has disappeared and so have a lot of my old friends.  But, if there was ever a time to be able to handle all this, it would have to be now.  Finally, I think I am strong enough to turn some of this around now.  If I am changing, then so will my world change, eventually.

Dec. 26, 1997: Christmas day was a great family day.  I think dad really enjoyed it.  He said “Your mother would have loved this!”  I responded “Oh, she did, Poppy…”

Dec. 27, 1997: Guni invited me to her house  today, and it turned out to be a very special visit.  With all this change going on, she has been a stable force and I am grateful for her friendship and her guidance.   She told me that there was something she had wanted to tell me ever since I attended the Reiki 1 class, but she didn’t feel I was ready to hear it until now.  “Your father still has something he needs to rectify before he can leave, but once that is healed, he will go swiftly and  peacefully.”  I was rather stunned because Guni did not know that my father was ill when I took the class that day.   Even so, she went on to tell me that my mother was close by, and she would be doing much to assist him directly on these issues.
Well, mom, that’s a relief!  How am I doing so far?

Dec. 30, 1997: I found that darned old heavy 8 mm projector and dragged it out to Poppy this evening.   He almost spewed his mouthful of macaroni and cheese on the rug when he saw me coming at him!   It didn’t take too much coaxing to get him to fire the thing up.  Once he got going, it was just like old times.  We all sat and watched ourselves for over two hours, acting so silly for the camera!
But then, the film reached a segment Poppy had filmed of mom putting on her make-up and getting all beautiful for a night on the town.  Oddly enough, the film got stuck in the projector sprockets and the light began burning the strip!  We watched in startled surprise as her image began melting off the screen!   Right away I had the thought that it would be too emotional for dad to watch mom like that, and that somehow, this was much more than an accident.  It was time to call it a night.

But as I am writing, I am thinking about that statement Poppy made about sleep being a rehearsal for death.  When we sleep, we dream.   So, if Poppy believes death is a “long sleep”, then it follows that he believes there is a life of some sort going on after death.  There are things that Poppy knows that he just is not willing to discuss yet.  But why am I writing this here?  I should just ask him!  Duh….

Dec. 31, 1997: The Kennedys have suffered yet another family tragedy.   Michael Kennedy, the 6th son of Robert F.,  has been killed in a skiing accident.   What a way for the universe to cap off a year in which we saw so many controversial people leave this planet.

1998 Begins

Jan. 01, 1998: We rang in the New Year in a quiet, reflective mood.  I think that the turn of the year has had a deep psychological effect upon us all.   Around Christmas, I began to sense that the turning of the year would be like an hourglass that has been turned for the last time.  This is the year we will have to say our farewells to Poppy.  But then again, is it ever really farewell?

Jan. 03, 1998: When I visit Cynthia up in Auburn, I never know what to expect.  After shopping all afternoon, we came back to her place for awhile, then she left for another short errand.  I grabbed a cool drink then plopped on her big, cozy couch.  I kept sensing something odd around me, but couldn’t put my finger on it.  Then Cynthia’s great dane, Kimba, came over to greet me.  Soon, he was looking behind me very curiously, then he nudged me on my thigh, trying to get me to move.  I stood up.  “What’s the matter, Kimba?” I said.  I looked where he was looking, and there, was Cynthia’s five foot pet boa constrictor sprawled along the crease in the couch!  But I was calm.  I figured the only thing that had changed in this intimate little exchange was that I had now become aware of him.  I could have sat there for hours without that bit of information!

I’ve been thinking about the Kennedys, the English Royalty, etc.  These institutions have been built around a glamor, a mystique (very Neptunian) for a very long cycle of time.  This mystique is beginning to shatter.   The Vatican will be coming up for some big time mystique-shattering in the not-to-far future.  I fully expect that the over the next few years, veils will begin lifting off the illusions that have kept multitudes of humanity “managed” through religion, politics, sex.    But, right now our own American President has me quite concerned.  I don’t have to look at his birth horoscope; I saw him on TV a few months ago, and there was something around him that just screamed to me “this man is about to be sacrificed to the wolves.”  Is another illusion about to shatter?

Jan 06, 1998: You know you’re getting older when you don’t recognize the names of any of the Grammy nominees!  Has it been that long since I stayed up with the music scene?  That reminds me; I heard this morning that Sonny Bono was killed today.  Like Michael Kennedy, he also hit a tree in a skiing accident up on Orion Run at Heavenly Valley, not far from Auburn. What’s going on here?

Poppy has been having some recurring dreams about organizing papers and getting his desk in order.   He keeps telling himself not to dream these things because they “make me crazy” he said. But, it’s gone on enough times now for him to tell me about them now.   I think Poppy is trying to reconcile some spiritual books here, and he is having a hard time dealing with that.   Even as he told me about these dreams, I had a sense he is still holding something from me.  There is more to this story…. 

(Later) This so-called scientist named Richard Seed is on TV talking about how he wants to start cloning human beings.  I just heard him quoted thusly: “Cloning is the first step to becoming one with God.”   He went on to say it would promote infinite life (immortality).  Regarding the public’s overwhelming resistance to this, he stated “first there will be abhorrence, then tolerance, then enthusiasm.”   What did I feel about his voice and mannerisms—his eyes?  I sensed a dark, cold, detached force whose only purpose is to profit by this.  This is a man with a dark, empty space and that space wants to manipulate and control the vitality of life force.  But this man is keenly aware of the pitfalls of the mental man.  
We do tend to accept things when they are thrown at us enough times. When are we going to learn?  Cloning, to me, is the ultimate Ego trip.  Seed…what an interesting name for a cloner wannabe.  Hummm…

Jan 10, 1998: Well, in a few days I will be taking Reiki Level II training.  I’m very excited about this, and I am so grateful I made the decision to try it.  It is a life-changing experience all by itself. A friend of mine came down from Auburn and took her first Reiki class this morning.  Tonight, the three of us had a great conversation.   But I noticed that Poppy was saying things to her he never revealed to me.  At one point he strained his voice to tell her “I am feeling a little guilty about some of the ways I took my wife for granted.”  I guess it’s just easier to confess to a stranger, but I was sitting right there so I picked up the cue: He was testing the waters to see how I would react to his little confession.  More are on the way.  I’m ready when he is.

Jan 11, 1998: During my Reiki II attunement today, I felt a deep and fundamental change–big time.  First, I felt my third-eye chakra pressing very hard out into the room.   In my mind’s eye, I saw the ankh, the cross, and then I saw a child’s wind spinner, a little toy that turns in the wind.  I could feel tears rolling down my face.  And then, boom!  All of a sudden, a strong energy force whizzed by like a car,  coming in with a small rumble,  blasting as it goes by, then fading; a Doppler Effect.   My senses welled up with compassion and some sadness.  I know that if anyone ever reads this little journal they will not believe what happened next, but it did happen.   I received a message from Sonny Bono.  The message was that he was very concerned for his children and wasn’t ready to leave them just yet.  When the attunement was over, I was speechless.  There was no way I could tell my instructors what I had just experienced.  But I didn’t have to; Guni said “He told us this message was specifically for you and that you will have confirmation soon, and that you will write about him in a book someday.”   All I could think was “Good, Lord!  With all due respect, if I was going to experience my first clear psychic message from a Spirit, Sonny Bono would have been the last Soul I would have expected!

Where’s mom? I know you’re out there!

Jan. 13, 1998 (Dream):

I am hovering above a car parked next to a curb. My ‘camera’ eyes zoom in on the glove compartment inside the car. I see a hand rummaging frantically through paperwork, and then I see the symbol for the planet Jupiter emerging from that place. It begins flying in circles around me.

Jan 14, 1998: Poppy’s horrible dream: He said a “tainted woman” just plagued him with obscenities. He yells at her to stop it, but she says ‘Hey! You started it!” I later asked my guides (we’re getting to know one another now) if there was some “monster spirit” around him but the reply was:

No such thing. The battle is a process of his own inner illusion. The only monsters are those he still chooses to believe in.

January 20, 1998:

Desire wants what it does not have; freedom is the uncovering of what has always been there.

I just read this enlightening quote from the book I’m reading called “Who Dies?”

January 21, 1998 Dream:

I am feeling the vibrations of all the planets and especially Neptune. But I am becoming impatient because I cannot translate that vibration into an understood language. Then suddenly, with Neptune, it occurs. I can hardly begin to explain the sensation of the dream except that there was sudden clarity and absolutely beautiful vibrating colors; like the colors were talking! I am then instructed to watch a demonstration on a TV screen. I see Martha Stewart on a talk show, and she is demonstrating this technique. First, she begins to move her mouth, and then her entire body begins to speed up as though she is entering into a time warp. She is speaking very, very fast and in a strange language. Soon, she is vibrating so fast, she becomes invisible! Then, like a pressure cooker which has built up enough steam, a forced flow of words comes blowing out of her mouth.

But I don’t recall what she said!  Agh!  This is like not hearing the end of a good joke!  Besides, Martha Stewart?  What is this, tips on making a homemade time machine? 

January 22, 1998: Poppy had a bad dizzy spell at work yesterday, so he is staying home today.  I’m glad he did, because he moved out of his lethargic mood, and we spent the rest of the day together shopping and cooking lasagna!  He hasn’t done this for some time, and he looked absolutely great!
(Later): I worked on three clients at the healing clinic tonight.  Since I am in training, my work is mostly with the arms and legs.  While working on the knee and lower leg of one young man, I suddenly saw the bones of his legs!  Like an x-ray snapshot!  The joints, the femur, and the tibia bones.  I totally freaked and ran (quietly) out into the reception room, trying to absorb this!  How did that happen?  What was happening here?  Guni followed behind me.  She sat quietly, waiting for me to formulate my words.  When I then told her what happened, she nonchalantly said “Your healing skills are awakening; you’d better get use to this.   I told her I wasn’t training to be an x-ray technician.   She rolled her eyes up, and then said, “Spirit only gives us what we need to work with in a particular situation.  Perhaps there was something you needed to understand about this particular bone structure, but you ran off.  Now, go back in there and practice.”  Ooooookay.
I went back in and began working on the next client.  When I reached the front of her lower right leg, I felt something out of whack: “irritation”, “clogged”, “abuse” were the words that threaded through my mind.  It turned out that she had an infected lesion on the back on her leg, but she didn’t want to tell me how it got there.  Obviously, it was not for me to know.   But, wow, I’d felt that clear through her leg.  This is amazing.

January 23, 1998: I went to bed last night hearing about President Clinton.  I get up this morning and it is on TV all over again.  The media can be like vultures.  I just have this ominous, eery feeling about how our President is being attacked with such fervor over some alleged sexual affairs.  I can imagine that Saddam Hussein is having a belly laugh right about now.  I also sense that this is part of a worldwide restructuring.  Clinton is too media-savvy to have been so careless with these women.  It’s sad, but it feels to me like there are forces afoot here in a concerted effort to divert public attention away from many critical issues and reconstructions facing earth now; my guess is that they will be successful.
(Later-): I was quietly reading just now when I heard a clearly-worded thought: Release your grief for your father now because as you are helping him, he will be a tremendous force in guiding you from the other side in the future. >  I am welling with emotion, as though I am going to unchain a river of tears.  Is this why I have felt so calm and peaceful the past three days?  Like a rest?  My heart chakra is pulsating wildly.  I want to call my teachers, but perhaps this should just stay in my little journal for now.  Gratitude.
(Later)  Prince Charles cracked some ribs falling off his polo horse today; way to go, Di!

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