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October 8, 1997: Dr. Fong called me this evening.   He wanted to talk about Poppy’s CT scan.  He said it’s hard to tell scar tissue from cancer, but it’s either 90% tissue/10% cancer, or 90% cancer/10% tissue.   So what are we suppose to do with that information?  Toss a coin?   Anyway, Dr. Fong asked if my father’s memory seemed to be deteriorating.   I thought a minute about that detailed account of his memories the other night and answered the doctor that I didn’t think so.    He responded by asking if I thought my father was in denial.   I realized then that Rosa from Hospice had discussed Poppy’s reluctance to seek the services of Hospice.   I tell you dear journal, I was on both sides of the fence on this one.   One-half of me was ready to tell Dr. Fong that my father’s decisions are his to make, and no one is going to try and force something on him he doesn’t want; on the other hand, I think I could use their help.   I’m really at a loss about how to give him the care he needs when he still thinks he needs to take care of me.   He can’t see anything but his daughter when he looks into my eyes.  I just told Dr. Fong I’d talk to him.

October 9, 1997: Since I took the Reiki class, some very interesting messages have been dancing in my head when I slip into twilight sleep.  It’s as though a line of communication has been upgraded, and I’m hearing “clearer.”   That is the only way I can describe this.   My hands were resting behind my head when I found myself immediately directed to the sound of a soft female voice.   The energy from the Reiki was very strong.   This was the message I heard began with:

Cherish every single step, tear, joy, event, and moment of your life because every one of them has served to bring you to this crucial time.

She said she had tried to be an earthly sister for me, but that my mother was not able to carry children to term after my birth.   She said that my father was my disabled brother in a past life.   A  vision or scene arose vividly in my mind when she said that.   I saw a young man in a wheelchair, very pale, crippled, and unable to speak.  We were on a farm, I think.   As I studied this vision, she went on to tell me that in this lifetime, I returned as his daughter to stabilize an unbridled freedom he insisted upon in this life—fueled by the confinement of the past—and which had been hindering his Soul growth. “Your time together now will serve to remove some barriers“, she said.   She was kind but adamant in saying “Do not have a sliver of a doubt that we are here to assist as you open up to your evolution.”

If those were my own thoughts, then I like the creative and positive aspects of them…sure didn’t sound like me.   But if I am open to receiving messages, let them be as positive and beautiful as this one! 
But what does she mean by evolution?   Are we going to sprout wings?  HA!

October 13, 1997: I have not told Poppy about my Reiki training.  I just didn’t know how to approach it with him.  But this evening he asked me to contact the doctor and ask for a stronger pain killer.   He had been putting it off because he wanted to have his wine, and he knew he shouldn’t mix the pain killers and alcohol.  But I told him he has to make a choice here.   We bantered and argued it out – painkiller- wine – painkiller – wine.  At first I was trying to decide whether to call Rosa Dr. Tran first for help.  But then it hit me!  I figured out a clever way to put my hands on him; massaging his shoulders, etc.  Poppy began to relax and asked me to do his back while I was at it.   When I placed my hands over his kidneys the hot and electrical sensation was almost overwhelming!   My hands became so hot I had to go to the faucet and water them down!   My thought was that this was residual energy from the radiation and/or chemo therapy.  That therapy had completed weeks ago and yet a strong, sizzling current was running though him.  Interestingly enough, Poppy said he felt nothing unusual like that.   I continued, even though it was like putting my hands on a hot vibrating machine.  I started wondering about the multitudes who are walking this planet totally unaware of the cooking that is damaging their immune systems!   I  became so focused, I hardly noticed that Poppy had almost fully relaxed…he was telling jokes!   I stopped and walked around to face him, hands folded in front of me.   He said, “Thanks honey…that helped a lot.”  Then he grinned and winked an eye.  Wow.  Therapy is a very poor description  for chemo and radiation treatments.  Agh!

October 14, 1997: I’ve been working on the text for the astrology class, and I just noticed that in five days we will have a full moon in opposition with Mercury.   This will involve the constellations of Aries and Libra.  The first thing that comes to mind is President Clinton.   He has several planets on the ascendant in Libra.   A damaging conversation could be revealed, or a domestic disturbance.   But in general, we might see some international shipping problems affecting the continent.

October 15, 1997: Poppy says he’s “heart happy” because the house is looking so organized these days.  He has not had a drop of wine tonight.  He got very ill taking his medicine, though.  He said he really didn’t need it but wanted to “check it out.”   Something has changed.  His body wants more “natural”;  I just know it.

On a sadder note, John Denver died in a plane crash today.   Just before Princess Di was killed, Poppy was obsessed with ordering the Di doll.  This morning he had awakened wanting to play his Denver CDs.  We’d been listening for some hours when we heard the news. 
Poppy remarked “Nobody is immune, are they?”  
Well, not in this dimension, anyway.

October 16, 1997: Japan staged a maritime blockade against the USA today.   I think I heard something about President Clinton and some videotapes, too.   Today is the full moon.   I also asked Poppy if mom ever miscarried – she had five miscarriages, he said.

October 18, 1997: Poppy and I spent lots of time in the yard today.   He was a little despondent because he couldn’t help much.   But I told him there are lots of ways to help just by sitting in that chair.   “You can create wind chimes, prune a tree, or plant flowers!”  I went into the house to get us some lemonade.   When I returned, he had that impish grin on his face. 
“You see that Oleander bush out there?”  I just stared. 
“The roots are messing up our sewer lines.”   I couldn’t decide if he wanted me to call Roto-Rooter or go and smack the bush!    Then he piped up with “Well, tomorrow I am going to start trimming it back, or dig it out if I have to!”   
We looked at each other for some time when he finally said “I have to realize I can’t do many of the things I used to, but I’m not going to crap out, either.”  Go, Poppy!

November 10, 1997: Poppy’s great-granddaughter came over to visit today.  She held her tiny little hand in his.   Poppy lovingly searched and touched her dainty fingers and said over and over to me, “Her fingers are so like your mothers fingers.”  Then Poppy’s face transformed into a look so soft and peaceful–indescribable.   He whispered with a smile,  “Can you feel her, honey?”  
I knew immediately from the glow in his eyes that he meant mom.   Poppy sank back into his chair with such a peaceful smile.   Mom has done her best to seek my attention.   She definitely has it now.   Ok, mom, I promise not to hang up this time.  What’s the plan?

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