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October 15, 1998: Poppy still asks for the morning newspaper and a little breakfast, but he does remain almost always on the couch bed now.  I came out this evening to check on him before going to bed.  I heard from him what sounded like he was responding to questions in another language, perhaps a Latin language.  He seems pretty lucid with this, although he appears asleep in this world.

October 16, 1998: (D) just told me that she had a dream last night that Aaron told her he would be here in a week or so.  She said that in the dream, he was wearing a T-shirt with a blue and white pinstripe shirt, and he was holding a bag.
(Later): Poppy and I just had a nice talk.  He reflected on how active he use to be and how helpless he feels now.  But I took his hand and said “Dad, there are so many milestones in life…this is just one of the more important ones. There will be more.”

October 19, 1998: Brian voluntarily returned to drug rehab today.  When I dropped him off, he was not sure they really had the resources to give him the help he is asking for, but he is willing to try it again.
(Later): Poppy’ s dream:

Passengers from the Titanic are met by a pioneer wagon train of people. Two eras meet.

October 21, 1998: Poppy’s dream:

You have Brian by the hand and I have your hand as I go with you to the Recovery House. I keep telling you to get him out of there. I repeat several time, ‘Get him out of there and take him out of the city!’

October 22, 1998: Watching Poppy again as he sleeps:  his hands are animated, holding them in the air as though reaching for something.  This suddenly strikes a familiar tone to me.  When mom was in the hospital the last night I saw her, she was also reaching both arms out and whispering “home, please take me home.”   I had thought at the time that she was talking to me, wanting me to take her home, but I later realized she was asking this of someone on the other side.  She had confided in me just a few weeks before her death, after her first hospitalization and before her second and last one, that she vividly recalled a beautiful woman in a long flowing pink dress hovering at the end of her bed and stretching out to touch her hands.  This woman told her that everything would be okay, and mom suddenly felt such peace and contentment.  Later, when she was alert, she had asked a nurse if someone, perhaps a candy striper volunteer (they wear pink and white striped outfits) had been in the room.  The nurse replied that she sits at the nurse’s station just across from the room, and she saw no one enter the room for the last few hours.  Mom knew the lady hovering over her was waiting to take her, she said, but she did not want to tell even Poppy about this experience.  She said she only told me because “you always believed in these kinds of things.”

He just reached out again, to his left.  He just briefly opened his eyes, looked lovingly at me, and then fell back into his inner world.  He is talking in his sleep as well, but all I have been able to hear clearly is, “Tomorrow?” and “Straight that way?”  He occasionally picks at the blankets, too.  He just bolted straight up and looked at me then took off his shirt, but he is clearly not really here at all.  Now, he has an expression of awe on his face and has reached for something.  His limbs are very restless, like they are trying to swim through the air.  He just opened his eyes for a moment and said to me (or to an unseen entity), “I’m looking for my flashlight”, and then he was out again.

October 23, 1998: Poppy seems more lucid this morning.  He asked me to give him a Reiki treatment, and he was much more mobile than he has been in the past few days.  As I bent over him slightly to move my hands around his chest, I suddenly felt some pressure very lightly touching my spinal column and then touching my shoulders.  I first thought of Aaron for some reason, but the inner voice came back saying it was not Aaron, although Aaron is aware of what is happening.  This presence felt like a beautiful white light.  Just as I was moving my hands to his heart chakra, I heard an immediate and firm instruction from my inner voice, saying No! Perform no more treatments! I was stunned, but I knew to acquiesce.  He then just fell into a peaceful sleep, although constantly picking at the bed covers gently.

October 24, 1998: Just awoke from a wonderful dream. 

I am being instructed about many ways to utilize life-force energy. My teacher is extremely tall and thin, wearing a floor-length jade-colored green robe with, I think, a white edging and with a cloth belt. Love emanated everywhere around us. She told me that our hands are the first avenue of material manifestation from thought, so the hands are important. She said that special guides were with various attuned individuals at all times, sort of as an intermediary for life-force energy transmission. I recall that she placed me on a table. A white sheet—crisp, clean, and folded at my throat chakra—covered me as she floated around me. Her hands remained about 10-12 inches from my body and emitted a blue/white light that seemed to be scanning me from top to bottom.

I was abruptly awakened from this dream by a fierce knocking on a wall in the livingroom.  I immediately jumped out of bed and found Poppy sitting in his favorite chair, completely lucid but with labored breathing.  The first words he said were, “I can’t believe I am still here.  I need more coffee, please.”   As I write this, I am in a state of confusion, disbelief, and absolute wonder.  My reply to him was ,”I can’t believe how lucid you are this morning.  You seemed so dreamy and disoriented yesterday.  “I was lucid! I was wide awake!”   Poppy seems completely oblivious to the fact that, from at least the point of view of the others in this household, he was only lucid and awake  in another world.

I just suddenly  do not understand what is happening now, what to do and what not to do.  I don’t know if I can leave the house even for five minutes, although D & J and the others are here to tend him.   I feel as though my intuition is completely shadowed right now.  But, I want to be here with him when he makes the final passage.  I am simply amazed that he is sitting in his chair this morning drinking his coffee and reading the newspaper.  By all accounts I have read and heard, these signs tell me that he is indeed still at least somewhat grounded, someone interested in current events.
Guni and I were planning to go to Oakland today to get a professional massage table of my own, which is an exciting step for me, but I finally told her that I did not think I should go.  I just don’t know where Poppy is relative to his transition all of a sudden, and I really want to be here when that happens.

October 25, 1998: I  awoke this morning with an almost direct command still echoing from dream world to get out of the house and drive to Oakland today.  I felt as though I almost had no room to think otherwise.  I came to the livingroom where I found Poppy completely lucid and asking (D) to fix him a “hardy breakfast.”  He then removed from the bed to his chair and started reading the newspaper.  I have tallied in my mind all the signs of imminent death and he is not showing any of them, so I will be leaving for just a few hours to make the run to Oakland with Guni.  Poppy is pretty happy about my getting this table.

At noon on Sunday, October 25, 1998, Poppy passed to the other side. 

(Weeks later, I looked at the receipt for the Reiki table, and I had purchased it at exactly 11:58 a.m., just two minutes before Poppy’s official time of death.  That morning before I left for the short trip, I had kissed Poppy on the top of his head and told him I would be gone for only a few hours.  He winked at me and gave me that sheepish, boyish grin and told me not to worry.  The last words he spoke to me were “I feel euphoric!”  He was going to have his breakfast and sit up with the baby for awhile.  I did not learn until a few days later that Poppy had been reading the newspaper upside down and that he had scraped his breakfasts into the toilet.  Poppy for some reason knew I should not be there when he made his transition, and he ensured that by his pretenses of being quite connected yet.)

October 31, 1998: Where do I start?  Last Sunday morning, I left for Oakland to pick up the table.  It was a last-minute decision, but I simply had had this very strong impulse that I needed to go.  As I hopped into my van, it felt like a band of unseen angels was literally pushing me into the seat.  When I reached Guni’s house, I told her, “Guni, I do believe that we have a load of angels with us today, so the van is really protected!”   We laughed.  We both felt this happy, uplifting aura surrounding us during our entire trip.  At one point, we thought the van would leave the ground and fly!  We seemed completely oblivious to reality, as though we could not help it.  Just after we purchased the table and jumped back into the van, I said to her, “Guni, I feel like we have been joined by one more guide!  Ha!  Such a happy trip this is!”

As I made the final turn and approached the house, I first noticed that (D’s) car was there.  J had been using the car to get to work, which meant he was home, too.  When I pulled into the driveway and stopped the engine, I took a moment to write down my mileage when I sensed someone approaching.  I looked up to see J coming quietly.  In that moment, my world split into pieces.  I knew.  J had to carry me into the house.

Finally, someone had mentioned that Aaron needed to be called.  I told them that he was out of town as far as I knew, and it would be impossible to reach him.  But, J made a phone call to his ranch anyway.  Aaron answered on the second ring.  He was here at the house within two hours.  Need I question that?  Over the next few days, Aaron was there to help me with all the arrangements for the funeral and to guide me on financial decisions.  By the way, he had arrived in a blue and white pinstripe shirt, carrying a bag of fruit.

I spent yesterday beginning to prepare for an estate sale.  With all the planning I thought I already had in place, I seemed to be just completely lost on how to proceed.  I began to realize as the day wore on that depression was setting in.  I really felt myself withdrawing, working hard just to put one foot in front of the other one.  Crying came in “moments.”  I stared out.  I worried about this and kept telling myself Don’t go there, just do not go there.

The funeral preparations are made. He will be buried with full military honors.

November 02, 1998 (Dream):

I cannot recall faces, but voices were explaining to me that my body was going to feel a little empty or that some etheric substance would continue in some way to work within me because I would be leading or assisting at least one more into the next world in my lifetime. Three hands came together and touched at the fingertips. Sparks of pure white light energy emanated from these hands, the color of which I could never reproduce in this world.

As well, in all the haziness of the last week I forgot to record a very important dream I had the night Poppy passed:

A woman came to me and explained that Poppy was already out of his body when his body suffered a heart attack. She said it was never even felt by Poppy. She showed me a heart pulsating intensely with energy sparks around it. An aura of soft light surrounded the heart.

(Later): Oh Poppy.  I miss you so.  I feel like a little orphan girl, but that is my human selfishness.  You may have listened to my thoughts and seen my visions last night of you soaring in free flight, unfettered.  I smiled in knowing you were free of pain and free of worry, although I don’t know about that—you always needed something to worry about.   I am doing the best I can to take care of everything that you and mom spent so many years nurturing.  In my mind, Poppy, you will always be close to me, I know.  How grateful I am to have experienced these past 16 months. .  I’m a better person having spent them with you.  I understand that you had to do this without me.  Our guides all knew that I wanted to go with you to that beautiful place.  But I was anchored to the shore.  I went nuts when I first learned you had gone without me, but I realize now that it was meant to be that way.

November 05, 1998: I had a wonderful vision just as I was waking this morning.  It was so vivid and real.  I was looking out the window of my parent’s room where I saw Poppy standing across the street on the curb, waving to me:

His hair was combed just like he wore it. He was wearing his favorite flowered shirt; the one mom had sewn for him years before. His left arm was up and he faced the palm toward the house. He was barefooted and wearing the black pants I had laid out for his funeral.
I immediately understood the symbolism. The bare feet and the black pants meant that he had of course crossed over. That he was standing just across the street and not farther away told me he was close by and was watching over us. The favorite shirt made by mom was to let me know that they had reunited. The palm facing the house told me that he was conveying some sort of blessing on it, but I also had the impression that he wanted me to stop entertaining any ideas I had about trying to remain here. He wanted to see me move on and not look back. It was wonderful to see him one more time, so happy and healthy.

(Later): I was just sitting out on the porch swing alone, pondering how and when I should put the house up for sale.  I had thought about keeping it, but the earlier vision and the intuition behind it told me that this was not something I should think about.  About that time, D came out to sit with me.  We decided that we hoped the house would be sold by April; it was a house in demand, we knew.  Just after she returned to the house and I was again in the midst of thought, I saw a lady riding a bicycle and coming up the street towards me.  As she got nearer, I realized she looked very much like a friend I had in high school, so much so that I started to shout, June! Hi June!
But just at that very moment, I heard clearly  in my mind Yep. June is when the house will be sold. Everything will be okay. Then, the lady on the bicycle turned around and headed away from me.


Written by Galactic Maya

March 15, 2008 at 8:59 pm

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