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October 02, 1998: Looks like Guni and I will be going to Auburn tomorrow to host a free Reiki demonstration!  I received the call last week from a senior-citizens center up there, so I have been busy making up packets, etc. I’m concerned about Poppy’s decline in health, but I learned from the books I have been reading on caring for the dying that as long as they are reading a newspaper or book and asking for food, they are still somewhat interested and connected with the material world. Poppy has been doing both daily, so I think I can be gone overnight. (D) will let me know if I am needed at home; it’s less than 90 minutes away.

October 04, 1998: Today we held our free Reiki demonstrations, and they went well. I was holding Poppy in the back of my mind, and feeling a little anxious to get home–a vague sense.  I have been trying to get to sleep, but the pull to get home is getting stronger.  Finally, Guni woke up and said  “We will leave first thing in the morning… no stops, okay?”

October 05, 1998: I arrived home this morning to find Poppy lying on the couch bed in the livingroom.  As soon as he saw me, he reached out his arms.  Even his whispering voice has become weaker still.  I  had to get very close to hear him.  He told me that he fell backwards last night while taking the step up to the porch, and the pain he is now feeling is much worse that the cancer ever was to this point.  He took both of my hands in his and said, “You have been a great comfort to me—now, I feel comfortable and peaceful.”  Oh Poppy, the time is nearing, isn’t it?
(Later): Oh, what a night, a night I will remember always.  Poppy came over and reached for me in the chair.  He whispered, “Please go make up my bed.”  After I finished fluffing the pillows, I came out to tell him.  As he began to walk down the hallway, he was very disoriented and his pants were starting to fall around his hips.  Without a word, I moved directly in front of him and then told him to place his hands on my shoulders.  We walked together in step very slowly until I was finally able to get him into bed.

Poppy was hurting everywhere from the fall onto the cement.  Something just grabbed me full force and I found myself focused on nothing in the world except the power of Reiki energy.  For at least 45 minutes, I kept my hands on him, and he finally calmed completely down and into sleep.  I laid there at the side of the bed with my hands on his heart chakra.  Through my closed eyes, I could see the vague flicker of light from the mini TV set.  But then, while deeply into meditation and prayer, I felt my brow chakra pull and extend out over the room.  Very suddenly, it was black as black can be—I cannot put down in words the rich depth of this blackness.  I know that Poppy and I were now in another place together.  I felt my brow chakra pulsating and radiating, searching for a light.  I felt my hand in Poppy’s hand as we drifted through the darkness in front of us.  I kept calling to my mother.  Help me please I heard in my calmed mind. 

Suddenly, I saw a pinhole of light, a beautiful blue-white light. It looked very distant, but I was so drawn to it that I wanted to rush ahead of Poppy to get to it. But I received a strong, strong mental message telling me No! No! It’s not for you to go! We were immediately transported into some sort of mental metaphor, immersed in a quasi-dream. I first saw a boat, with me firmly grounded at the shore and Poppy on the boat. A cord anchored the boat, but I was holding a knife to cut the cord if Poppy made the choice to sail. My mother then sailed in on another boat to Poppy. Although she was ready to take him with her, she made it clear that I could not cut that cord unless Poppy made the decision to go. I was also reminded through this surrealistic living metaphor that I was to remain on shore and not try to go, as much as I would like. Then, I watched while hearts and flowers were being heaped on Poppy’s waiting boat. He was suddenly young and handsome again. He saw mom and expressed his joy, but he then looked at me and feared the cutting of the rope.

Just as suddenly, we were back in the room.  I was still drooped over Poppy while he lay in a deep sleep.  He was breathing shallowly.  My brow chakra retracted now, and I heard a familiar but distant voice in the house–it was Guni, my Reiki teacher! ; She sensed that she needed to come by and visit…this late at night!   I tried to get my legs; they were shaking and weak from all the expended energy.  I felt weightless and leg-less.  I managed to get down the hall to greet her and D,  but I slumped down the wall toward the end of it.  My energy was depleted, but I somehow felt acutely refreshed and light.  Guni came running toward me.  “You are not completely back in your body  yet…be still.”   She proceeded to bring me back fully.   I heard her say something about us being in the practice mode now.

October 06, 1998: Poppy woke up a little while ago.  While we shared coffee we were very quiet at first but then he said:
“I somehow mentally felt your hands comforting me all through the night.”   I smiled, but I was at a loss about what to say (for once).  “I had a dream last night” he began. He described that in the dream there were:

…three houseboats. One boat was yours and one was your mother’s; another one was mine. Someone asked me which boat I would like for now, and I answered that I wanted to get into your boat.

Well, my jaw dropped just enough for him to know that I understood this somehow.  Then, he just looked squarely into my eyes and said, “Honey, where did we go last night?” 
For lack of any rational answer, I just replied, “I don’t know,  but it was Heavenly, wasn’t it?”

We quietly finished our coffee while we read the morning newspaper.  Then, without any warning he started speaking in the best whisper he could manage.  He spoke with great clarity as he instructed me to start taking over the paying of his monthly bills.  He wanted me to start sitting down with him tomorrow to go over everything.  He wanted me to begin regular Reiki treatments on him and to start taking his pulse and temperature regularly.  He enumerated the rest of his instructions to the point and with determination.  When he was done, Poppy sighed and said, “I feel so much relief now that I have come to this decision. I’m ready now just to rest and stay as comfortable as I can until…”   With that he got up and went to the kitchen and fixed himself Raisin Bran, peaches, and a milkshake. 
I have been so peaceful, reflective, calm, and so filled with love today; love of everything and every precious moment.  Something beautiful occurred for us last night, and I was only at the outer edges of it.  I understand now that Poppy chose my “boat” for now, only in order to see that I would be in full charge of his books and to have a little time with Maddy.  We have reached a great turning point of acceptance.

October 07, 1998: Brian will be checking into a drug rehab center later  today.  I will be taking him down later today.  I have been trying to construct my talks with him in positive ways, letting him know I support him completely and trying to avoid nagging him about how he arrived at this juncture in the first place.
(Later): Brian was helping me in the backyard as we chopped up the felled trees.  At some point, I turned to see Poppy at the glass patio door tapping on it.  He was on his knees.  We dropped everything and ran inside.  He had fallen.  The only thing that had kept him from hitting his head on the brick fireplace was a tall cardboard box full of wood that I had brought in and set there about an hour earlier.  He was obviously too weak to walk on his own so once again I walked him down the hall as he supported himself on my shoulders.  He wanted to shower, so I placed a lawn chair in the stall so he could sit.  While he cleaned up, I changed his bedsheets and such.  He then wanted to shave, so I placed the chair in front of the sink and mirror.  As I stood behind him, he bravely shaved and groomed himself. 
As he looked at my reflection in the mirror, he began to talk about his father.  “I miss him so”, he sighed.  He paused and then seemed to stare past my reflection and to something I could not see.  
“I am so peaceful.  I have no pain at all.  I’m ready for bed now.” We walked together to his bed in silence.

I just read this line in The Healing Path of Prayer (pg 90):

“According to the Spiritual Law, as we repair damage on the spiritual level, the natural world begins to be repaired at the same time.”

Somehow, it seems quite appropriate that I should have read this just at this very time. 

October 08, 1998: Poppy is amazingly pain-free—cough is minimal, and he feels completely comfortable just lying on the livingroom couch bed.  His mental attitude is quiet and content.  It is a blessing.  I doubt he will leave this bed many more times.
(Later): Brian has been in drug rehab a few days but I do not have a good sense about it.
(Later): What an interesting evening at Healing Circle…very interesting indeed! 
Of all people, the spiritual leader of a Buddhist monastery walked though the door and asked for a Reiki treatment, and he also wants a training!  Guni and I were stunned because we had understood that such Buddhist leaders, by their own rules, are not to be touched!  Yet, there he was, asking! 
Then not 10 minutes later, my son came through the door wanting a Reiki treatment.  He had bolted from “that screwy drug house” and said his first instinct was to come here.  Wow, oh wow.   My son and a Buddhist monk lying on tables right next to each other and receiving Reiki.  Something was very ordered here, I could just feel it.
The air we breathe cannot ordinarily be seen yet we depend upon it for our life.  The moon phases exert energy to move earthly waters and yet that energy is not seen.  Quantum physicists operate on the assumption that they cannot visualize what they are experimenting with on a subatomic level yet they know that an unseen force of organic consciousness is the embodiment, matrix, essence of an entirely ordered universe.  There are spectrums of light that are unseen by the human eye, although its effects manifest when we get a sunburn, receive exposure to x-rays, etc.  The human mind finds it very difficult to perceive ideas and phenomena unless it can find some parallel experience in our physical world. 
Thus, this energy we call “Reiki”, but is really the Chi or manna of life force spoken of in other cultures, shows up in ways we do not see but somehow subconsciously perceive.  When we are reflective, laid back in a chair and pondering something, our hands usually are locked behind our heads, where the primitive brain, the illuminating brain is located.  Experiencing sudden fear, we clutch our hands to our stomach, the fear center of the chakra system.  When we are indicating ourselves by pointing and saying “this is me”, we tap on the heart chakra usually.  This is the Center, the self-identify center, the heart of our selves.  When we suddenly remember or realize something, we thump our forehead and say something like  Agh! I should have known that!   We are thumping our third eye, that area that knows all.   Somewhere in our primal, collective subconscious and/or unconscious, we are all aware of the ability of the energy radiating from our hands to heal.  We do it instinctively yet we rarely connect the dots, so to speak.    We have moved so very far away from this connection, I believe, because generations of us have been goaded into believing that healing—whether spiritual, emotional, or physical—can only occur outside of ourselves, i.e. church-promoted intervention, the American Medical Association, and pharmaceutical companies.  Somewhere along the path of growth, our ancestors were forced to deny the natural healing forces of nature and from then on, all proceeding generations bought the only story they were hearng—but not everyone, thank goodness.

October 09, 1998: Poppy has been almost pain-free for the last few days.  Riddled with cancer and coming through the pneumonia (astounding!), he has made it to here, wherever here is.  There was more going on during our journey together the other night into the otherworld than I can even conceive, but I am so very thankful. 

Earlier today, Guni gave me a Reiki treatment and she said she sensed a peaceful, loving cloud around me.  She had mentally asked the nature of the essence.  She then told me that for lack of a better term, the “Angel of Death”  was placing “rings of protection” around me. 
I simply looked at her and said, “Well, they are also anchoring me to the shore, I take it.”

I see two quite beautiful documents. Both are pristine white with red text. I sign the documents. One is then handed to me. I have been given an award concerning my contribution to this death experience.

October 11, 1998: Oh, Poppy.   Well, he is eating no solids, but mainly milkshakes, candy, and fruit.  However, as I was leaving today for the Healing Center, he said that tomorrow after his shower and shave, he wants me to drive him to the barber shop!  WHAT!

(Later): I just finished giving Poppy his Reiki treatment.  Very, very strong sensation that energy is concentrated between the heart and solar plexus.  The solar plexus still has that same cool feeling, but there is heat at the heart chakra.  The crown (7th) chakra and the ground (1st) chakra are bouncing energy right off my hands like crazy.  From the thighs down, icy—very cold.  I asked him if his legs and feet felt as cold to him as to me.  But, he had become so relaxed, he barely shook his head to indicate yes.  I took his pulse before and after the Reiki treatment.  It had slowed from about 75 bpm (and irregular) to about 55 bpm (smooth and regular).

October 12, 1998: It is 6:40 a.m.  I am sitting on the awned swing on the front porch, a place I have come to many times lately to think and reflect.  I hear the morning songs of the birds developing into a harmonious orchestra as each species joins in.  The light is just beginning to wash away the darkness.  I am very aware at this moment about how the ancients saw this time of day as a resurrection from the depths. 

Today, I ask that my heart remain completely open for anyone seeking strength.  I ask that today I will act as a vessel of love, compassion, and inner strength, for myself as well as for anyone or any living thing that comes into my environment. I ask that today I will open my throat chakra to engage my communication in a positive, loving manner. I leave it to you now, dear Universe.

(Later): I pulled up the blinds in my bedroom and part of the frame broke!  Does this mean I am no longer blinded?  HA!
(Later): I am watching Poppy as he sleeps this afternoon on the couch bed.  His hands are rather animated, as though he is receiving instructions. 
His hands are resting over his heart now rather than his ground chakra. 
Now both arms are at his side. 
Now the right hand/arm is up and resting on his elbow, seemingly fingering something. 
Now both hands are clasped and resting over the heart once more and then into a prayer-like position. 
Now back to a clasp position. 
Back now into the air, then back at his sides.
I just checked him and his pulse, which is 88 bpm.  His legs are very cold, the feet especially, toes bluish.  The heartbeat is not smooth and is irregular—4 or 5 steady beats and then 2 or 3 slow ones.

Poppy just woke and immediately asked that little Maddy be brought to lie by his side.  For five minutes or so, neither moved at all.  Then, Poppy began to awaken slowly, moving his hands slowly through the air, still in a trance.

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